Student ParliAmEnt

We're holding elections for your new Student Parliament Representatives.

The following positions are open to votes:

Ambassadors (2 places)  East 15 (2 places)   EBS (3 places)  HSC (3 places)  Individuals (3 places)   Lounge Committee (3 places)  PG (3 places)  PPS (3 places)  Societies Just Start (3 places)  Sports and Just Play (3 Places)


No elections are currently running

How does it work?

As a parliament member you need to:

Represent issues facing the community you represent in Southend.

your responsibilities

Ensure that the Union is delivering on the Southend Big 4.


Support in ensuring the community you represent are aware of activities and events effectiing them.


don't forget that you need to

Build networks and connections with the community you represent, attend student parliament once a term, and training at the beginning of the year. 


A day in the life

What's it like being an Officer?


Full Time Roles

Part Time Roles