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Nicola Wallace is the Mature Students Officer for 2016-17 and is the lead student representative for mature students, student parents and part time students.

Nicola is also a 3rd year psychology course rep, member of the pole dancing club, a vTeam volunteer and a cub scout leader.

Balancing being a student and being a parent cannot be easy. Here at the University of Essex Students’ Union, we promised to shape everything around our students and to also benefit all of them. While there is no specific Student Parents officer, there are a number of sabbatical and part time officers that may be able to represent you, a full list is available here.



There are various types of Accommodation offered for Students parents on campus. More information on this can be found by visiting: .

The Students’ Union also provides a property finding service known as SU Lets, which specialises in helping students secure local, private accommodation. All the properties they work with in Colchester are accredited by Colchester Borough Council. It is recommended that student parents start looking in November for housing to ensure best choice available. Suitable housing is available but there are fewer options so looking earlier will increase your options

More information on this can be found by visiting: 


There are various support services available for you to use here at the Students’ Union. These are:

Students’ Union Advice Centre

The advice centre gives free, confidential and impartial advice on a load of issues. This can be Academic, financial, help with Tier 4 visa extensions and various other issues. For more information regarding the services they offer visit: 

baby changing

There is a dedicated room available on campus for baby changing. This is in 5A.223 and can be accessed of Square 2 (next to Zest and going up one flight) or of Square 4 (next to The Store and going up the stairs to 5A).


Have a question or query want answered straight away? An issue on or off campus? Then SU React is here for you!


Had a brainwave and come up with something you think could benefit students? Submit it as a student idea.

Mature students' network

Mature Student Network is for those students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who are over 21 when starting their undergraduate degrees, over 25 when starting their postgraduate degrees, or anyone that defines them as mature.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that all Mature Students at here at Essex feel welcome and have a dedicated network that they can engage with. You can request to join the MAPSA Facebook group here.

What's on

There are also other various events taking place here at the Students’ Union. Visit:

on campus facilities

There are various facilities available for Parents;

local area

There are also various Child Care services available in Colchester. For more information visit:


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