At Essex we’re not like other SUs and we don’t want to be. Below you can see our mission, what we stand for and the things we'll be working on for this year's Big Plan. You can meet your officers and the communities that shape Essex, and see how you can get involved by working with us. Two of our five values are ‘always challenge’ and ‘powered by students’, so if you’ve got something you’d like to make happen, then head to make a change.

who we are

All about our mission, values, financies and policies


Meet your full-time Officers and Student Community Officers


Take a look at the communities that shape us. Will you join one?

the big plan

Each year we ask you what we should focus on. Here are the current areas


Need some extra cash? Head here to find the latest jobs at the SU

make a change

The SU is powered by students, so - got something you'd like to make happen?