Fleet Information

What vehicles do we operate?

We've got 4 SU Vehicles potentially available to book. 3 'Access for All' Minibuses which seat 17 people including the driver and a People Carrier which seats 9 including the driver.

 If we don't have your request available then there is the option of hiring an external vehicle at a cost*, which we would be happy to organise for you on request.

*this price doesn't include fuel which you'll need to pay for. Clubs and Socs can claim this back from their budget if receipts are kept.

Ready to book an SU Vehicle? Simply select the option that applies to you from below:

Where are they parked?

The SU Vehicles have designated bays in the valley car park. This is where vehicles can be collected and where they will need to be returned.

To make life easier for everyone and to avoid the need for reversing, these bays have been designed to be used as a one way system. To enter a space and return the vehicles, drive down the first row and go into the spaces forwards, this means you'll be able to pull straight out and exit down the second row.

How good is that.