Case Studies

have an idea for a new project? 

We would love to hear from you! Do you have a fantastic new idea for a brand new regular project that will benefit the local community and our students? Then why not chat to us and make your dream come true! There is nothing more exciting than starting your project from scratch, recruiting your team and developing sessions plans. You can see them come to life and watch your team deliver weekly sessions that keep the community happy and make the volunteers more employable. 

All of our regular projects are student-led and we always seek fresh, new ideas, so don't hesitate. Fill in the form and email it over to us on! 

Below are a few case studies from volunteers that started their own projects, have a read to find out how rewarding it can be and if you have any questions, give us a shout.



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Success Stories

Andrei Ilie | Coding Club


''I started Coding Club back in December of 2014 as a mix of groups of devoted volunteers, primary school children, programming principles and a lot of dedication. Those ingredients mixed together over the course of a year resulted in a quick rise in popularity amidst the V-Team weekly projects.

This club has been the stepping stone that skyrocketed my professional career towards early stage placements in research fields at the university as well as allow me to move to a Frontrunner Position at the Data Archive. It was the perfect combination of leadership experience, team working and time management skills that went a long way in the interviews.''





trish dongo | small world

''I loved being part of the V-Team for the 2 years that I worked as Project Leader for the Small World Project. Being part of a brand new project meant I had to build relationships with the local community, University departments and the student population. I learnt a lot, not only about communities, literacy levels, but also how to manage and develop projects, organisational skills, as well as communication skills. All this has been of great use in my day-to-day life post University as it has given me the confidence to be proactive and go after what I want.'' 


frazer merritt | rtp


''I decided to call the Fresh Beginnings refugee centre after I heard at a barbeque that they were seeking volunteers. The director invited me to meet him, and he mentioned that he had a serious problem finding teachers to attend on a regular basis. At first I thought about posting fliers around campus, but then I realized the vTeam could help me set up a proper programme. The director of Fresh Beginnings, the vTeam, and I had a meeting and we decided it was a great idea. I asked Gisselle to be vice president and four of my friends to be project managers of the Refugee Teaching Programme. Together we set up a stall at Freshers Fair and got 210 signatures! Throughout the year, our 46 student volunteers assisted in teaching English and maths classes, running a women’s group, and raising charity money for school supplies. ''