Hello and welcome! 

Here you will find some useful information about vTeam, forms and procedures and meet the team. If you can't find what you are looking for, then drop us a line at vteam@essex.ac.uk 

Creating your profile and Logging hours

1. create your profile

To be able to signup for opportunities and to record your hours once you're done, you'll need a profile. If you haven't already, visit this page and answer the questions on there. It doesn't take long and you'll only have to do it once. Video on how to do it below. ;)

2. Choose an opportunity

We have three kinds of opportunities for you to get involved in, placements, regular projects and one offs. Find something you like the look of and register your interest. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

3. Do it!

This is the fun bit, once you've been added to a project, get out there and help the community. 

4. Record your hours

You've done the hard work, now make sure it's added to your profile. Head to the log your hours page, pick the kind of work you did and then the type of project it was. Fill in the details including the dates (if you volunteer in the role all year pick the first up and last day) and click add. 

Now it's just a case of adding the hours you worked and any skills you gained (make sure you provide an example of how you used it) and you're done.

5. Review your year

At the end of the year, you can download your skills template which lets you keep all of your skills in one place and will help with job applications.


How to create a profile:


Sport Clubs:                                              Student Reps:                                         Societies:                                                Regular Projects:

Placement Volunteers:                               Part-time Officers:                                  Peer mentors:                                       Other volunteering:


Information and Policies

Here you can find some important information and policies. Download these useful guides if you need some help understanding how to claim your expenses and travel costs. Any questions, drop us a line on vteam@essex.ac.uk.

Forms and Procedures


         Expenses Policy                          Travel Expenses                        Incident Form                     Example Expense Form                   Signing Sheet


     Volunteer Handbook 

Meet the Team

Meet the volunteering team, we all have the same ame - to help you get an amazing degree and job! You can find us in the Promise 1 office (4SW.5.6), busy dealing with all things volunteer-y. We work with schools, local charities, community centres, and libraries where we help you guys make your fantastic ideas come to life and we also ensure that you get support to put together a kick-ass CV so you land that dream job. Pop by to say hello! 

Volunteering Manager

tomas kasiulis

Tomas joined us in September 2016. He had just finished his Masters and joined us to build community links and increase student participation in community project. Tomas creates opportunities for you, to develop skills and have more fun! Tomas is not new to volunteering as he lead a huge project in Lithuania and delivered a whole day event all by himself. He is a hard worker and is not new to SU's 4 Promises, so expect him to help you get an amazing degree and job. PS : he loves Basketball.


Volunteering Coordinator


Smaranda joined the team in September 2017. She recently completed her Masters of Science in Maketing and Brand Management. She was also an Essex undergraduate in Business Management and Modern Languages. Smaranda is super friendly and fun, she loves to talk about all things  artsy and food. Her enthusiam will bring a lot to the vTeam! Smaranda has organised art exhibitions, fundraisers and random cultural festivals that made people smile! 




Vacancy Available at:



Regular Project Frontrunner

Zethy Binti Zainudin

Zethy is our new VTeam Regular Project Frontrunner who looks after a range of Regular Projects, helps Project Committees manage them and maintains a good relationship with the community outside the university grounds. Her experience and skills in managing and organizing various projects and events will give a super boost to our regular projects. Be ready to gain more skills, meet new people and have more fun! Also, if you fancy ‘matcha’, drop Zethy a message; she’s a big fan of matcha’s ice creams, lattes and actually everything related to it! BTW her dream vacation is in the Maldives.


Communications Assistant

Ruby Barry

Ruby is our new VTeam Communications Assistant, her job being to manage the team admin, like newsletters, social media and vteam@essex.ac.uk emails - the connection between the taskforce and the team! Being a barmy drama student, she’ll be giving our social media accounts a ‘Ruby- like’ pizzazz, so get ready for colour, and plenty of GIFs. Feel free to message her with any questions or queries, she’ll be more than happy to help - or email her with cute cat pictures if nothing else.


Recruitment and Selection Assistant

Louisa Futcher

Louisa, yes you guessed it, also joined us in September 2017. She is in charge of organising the Come and Try sessions and recruiting the volunteers. Louisa is busiest bee there is. She is President of the DIY Society, the Art Club Project Leader, Treasurer of Choir Society, an active volunteer for Animal Protection and a SU student staff. She is directing a play this year, Far Away, which will be produced at the Lakeside Theater, all the while, you know, studying Accounting!! Oh, and the most imporant : Louisa is Campus Cat's NUMBER 1 fan. And she's really friendly!