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There are FOUR categories that VTEAM PROJECTS are grouped in: REGULAR, ONE-OFF, ONLINE PROJECTS, and EXTERNAL PARTNERSHIPS. Check out what each category REPRESENTS AND has to offer below!


Regular Projects have at least one session on a weekly basis, so you can pick whatever day and time are best for you. Just because it runs weekly doesn't mean you have to attend weekly, you could simply pop by once or try a different project each week! No prior experience is needed for any of the projects, but you will have to do a short Safeguarding training which will prepare you for volunteering with vulnerable groups (e.g., children or refugees). Our projects run in local schools, care homes, facilities for vulnerable adults, animal sanctuaries, or here on campus! The projects cover almost every interest you could have: art, coding, teaching, quizzes... all you have to do is click and register. The Communications Officers will send you a welcome email with the link to the Safeguarding training. After you complete it, you'll receive weekly updates about sessions and you can choose when to attend!


Animal Protection 

Art Club

Clothes exchange

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Community learning project














A One-Off is a volunteering opportunity that only takes place once, unlike regular projects which have sessions every week. These events usually last a few hours but tend to run over the weekend, so you don't need to worry about missing class! In the past, we have gone to many places around Colchester including Mersea Island to do a beach clean-up or to Dedham to help a therapy farm! This is a great way to explore picturesque towns and villages. A lot of our one-offs are happening on campus and in Colchester as well, so we offer a wide range of possibilities for you to engage in! All transport is provided. You don't need any prior knowledge or experience in volunteering to join and you can come to as many one-offs as you'd like. We are constantly updating and adding new one-offs to our volunteering calendar, so keep an eye out on our Gradintelligence page for one-offs:









Online projects are mostly national or international volunteering campaigns in which you can take part remotely from the comfort of your home. Here you can find various sorts of projects, from fundraising money listening to Spotify albums to helping the visually impaired people in their everyday struggles via video chat. Online volunteering is the perfect opportunity for you to gain some additional hours and to spend your free time doing something good. Don't forget to log your hours (insert URL) afterward! These projects get updated often, so keep an eye on our Gradintelligence page for online volunteering:








External opportunities are still managed and approved by the VTeam. The key difference is that you will be communicating directly with the charity rather than through us. We are still here for you if you will be needing a piece of advice and we can still cover any costs for you, so don't be afraid to contact us (insert URL)! These opportunities also count towards your volunteering recognition and Big Essex Award, so remember to always log your volunteering hours (insert URL) under "External Activity/ Community Volunteering". We update our external projects throughout the year, so make sure to check our Gradintelligence external partnerships page regularly: