We Are Able

Do Something:

‘We Are Able’ is one of many campaigns run by DoSomething.org , an online organisation with over five million members whose goal is to encourage, connect, and help young people to make a positive difference in the world. DoSomething.org currently supports over 200 campaigns from 130 different countries. One of their most well-known campaigns is the ‘Diversify My Emoji’ campaign , which successfully got Apple to add non-white emoji options to their emoji keyboard.

The Campaign :

The goal of ‘We Are Able’ is to eliminate the stigma that surrounds people with disabilities by showing off their individual talents and abilities. The process to achieving this goal is very simple: Print out the template, fill out your talent, and post a picture to social media with the hashtag #WeAreAble, tagging three or more friends in order to challenge them to do the same. Then, upload proof of your post to the campaign website and add your name to the ranks of people who have done the same! You can do this as many times as you like, and should keep an eye on the hashtag in order to see all of the amazing updates.

‘We Are Able’ and Essex SU:

This campaign is the perfect opportunity for the SU to show their appreciation for disabled students and to make a difference in their lives. Disability Awareness Day is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year on Sunday 10th July . School may not be in session, but that doesn’t mean that the SU can’t participate anyway! With more than 25,000 people attending and/or participating in this event each year, which is held by the Warrington Disability Partnership, Disability Awareness Day is the perfect celebration to really kick off an amazing and meaningful campaign at Essex.

The Possibilities are Endless:

‘We Are Able’ can start a new era for Essex SU by paving the way for even more accessibility for our disabled students. Good ways to prepare would be to look into what sorts of services are already available for disabled students and how to make improvements on them, as well as getting the incoming Disabled Students’ Officer involved. Advertisement and impact are extremely important as well.