Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, happy with your friendship group or desperate to meet more people, we're sure there's something at Essex for you to get involved with. If you're not sure which sport is for you, check out what one-off events Just Play have got coming up. Rebel is the place for those who love to debate, educate, inform and entertain, through our student media channel. And as modern life can often be take, take, take, why not consider giving something back to the community by volunteering with V-Team.


Find out about Essex Blades and BUCS or head over to Essex Sport


Take your pick from activites, arts, cultural, departmental, musical, political & represenation and religious societies


Rebel is your platform to debate, educate, inform and entertain - all whilst gaining valuable experience!


VTeam are here to help you gain skills, practise self-care and make positive changes to the community


The place to go if you're looking for some no-commitement fun