Events TRAINING 2020/21



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Questions Asked

Q - Are we allowed to use the green area near the lakes for a socially distanced event?

a - The university estates team are coming up with 'bookable' outdoor spaces plan. In theory yes, but you would need to complete an events form and risk assessment (including covid risk assessment).

Q -     do we need a risk assessment for online events like quizzes?

a - you only need a risk assessment for virtual events that involve physical activity such as a dance class.

Q - if we have a sexual consent and bystander certificate, do we need to do the training again?

A - we would still encourage you to complete the course if possible as there may be updated information since it was delivered last year.

Q - do we have to use our Essex email zoom accounts if we host zoom socials?

A - not necessarily. if you have a personal account that has better features as you have paid for them then that is fine. 

Q - at freshers fair will there be qr codes already provided at stalls for signups?

a - Yes!

Q - to print posters for our stalls, will the silberrad be open?

a - Yes, the silberrad is currently open. it labs are also open.

Q - Can we book rooms for socials?

a - Technically yes, but the social can not involve drinking if in a teaching room and there must be no more than 6 people due to government guidelines. 

q - if we have 2 social secretariess, is it possible to hold a social in two groups of 6? maybe outside?

a - as long as there is enough space for bubbles of 6 to socially distance then yes. these bubbles must also never mix during the session. 

q - Can we do an outside social? With more than 6 people?

a - not unless there are bubbles of 6 (maximum) and seperate bubbles can socially distance. the government guidelines currently only permit groups of 6, inside or outside. 

q - Who do we email regarding legal stuff such as contracts and sponsorships?

a - if you are a society, if you are a sports club.