SU Change Week

Together we achieved so much in just 7 days. But that was just the beginning...

Posted by University of Essex Students' Union - Colchester on Friday, 27 October 2017

7 Days

1,311 Ideas

31,415 Votes

 143 ideas BEING acted on so far

What is SU Change Week?

SU Change Week is a weeklong project to make great stuff happen at Essex. For two days students submitted ideas to the Change Wall, then all of the ideas were opened to online voting for all students to decide which ideas are the most important to them. A selection of ideas from the most voted for section went through to an SU Hackathon - a 24 hour session where groups of students find solutions to problems. Once they'd created their presentations they showed them to a group of University big-wigs.


Top rated ideas from the week

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Change Week Idea Updates

stop everything closing at the weekend

This idea was taken forward in the SU Hackathon by the group Totally Spies.

Find better ways to shape things

This idea was taken forward in the SU Hackathon by the group JASONS.

make lectures better

This idea was taken forward in the SU Hackathon by the group Seven is Heaven.

improve the su safety bus service

This idea was taken forward in the SU Hackathon by the group ACCA.

run the safety bus for longer

This idea is now in place.

hold more coko events

More Coko night events are now scheduled. See here for details. 

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cheaper doubles drinks

Double up from £1.50 has now been launched in Sub Zero on Fridays and Saturdays. 

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make listen again complusory for lectures and improve quality

This idea is currently being worked on through the 'Listen Again Project'. 

sell phone chargers and electronic items

Everything Essex and the Extra Store now stock these items. 

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introduce large drinks in the kitchen

16oz hot drinks are now available in The Kitchen.

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increase the range of african food

There is a wider range of African Food on offer in The Store. 

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more support to societies to help run events

Any society member can contact the societies department, for help with running an event. To email and book a meeting, click here. 

offer meditation and inner peace classes

The SU are looking into offering this as a Just Play class.

provide basketball courts on campus

The new Sports Centre will have 3 full size basketball courts.

create a nap room

This will be in place in Term 3 for the exam campaign.

improve access to online journals for postgraduates

This idea is being worked on through the course learning materials project. 

give students a say at which books are in the short term loan section

This idea is being worked on through the course learning materials project.

more biological experience. Internships and volunteering at career fairs include field work.

The Employability Development Director in Biological Sciences is discussing this as part of the schools strategic review.

More fresh fruit and vegetables in the Store

The store now sells more fruit and vegetables.

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There is now an international food range in store.

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All events now have early bird reduced price tickets.

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Introduce desserts in the SU Bar

The menu has been designed for the desserts in SU Bar. Currently, the implementation is on hold while a new menu for main courses is developed.

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There is at least one shop open 24 hours of the day (except Sunday).

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Advertise if a society is at risk of being disbanded

This idea is now is place.

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Run more fundraisers for charities

After feedback from Change Week, the SU have fundraised for local charities.

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Have more reggaeton music

More reggaeton events will be held.

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Create a common room for international students

There is already one! The international common room is at 4.116A.

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Improve seasoning on burger meat in SU Bar

This is now in place.

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Bring back night food

Night food is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights from 11:30pm.

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Hold cooking classes for students

We will have cooking classes next academic year.

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Update societies' website page with events

Students asked to have the societies' website page constantly updated with the different events societies are holding. This is an ongoing process and one which will be constantly updated.

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More halal food options including hot food

We now have more halal food options in the Extra Store.

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Bouncers to address sexual assault allegations more seriously

The door staff will guide you on what to do if you tell them that a sexual assault incident has happened.

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Empower students to learn more about elections

We doubled the number of registered students in local constituencies and we increased the support we are giving to students around SU elections.

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More encouragement for young women in STEM

We renewed the Wise memebrships for second year students and we advertised events that support women in STEM subjects.

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Increase meal deals in the SU Store

We included chocolate, sushi and salads in the meal deals and made  them bigger.

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put students in control of what happens 

This idea was taken forward in the SU Hackathon by the group Change 5.

make navigation around campus easier

This idea was taken forward in the SU Hackathon by the group Confederacy of Independent Students.

make campus life more affordable

This idea was taken forward in the SU Hackathon by the group Change 4 Change.

create a queuing system for the safety bus 

This is now in place. 

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TAke students' mental health seriously

This idea was taken forward in the SU Hackathon by the group Kaisen.

bouncers should take students too drunk for subzero back to the squares

This idea is now is place. 

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create a way to see my current grades for my degree with breakdown

This idea is currently being worked on through the 'Grade Display Project'.

bring back vegan chocolate

You can find this is the Extra Store. 

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Include chocolate in the meal deal

This is now in place, in both The Store, and The Extra Store. 

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introduce greek and cypriot food choices

These are now in the Extra Store. 

make it easier and clearer on how to join a society

We've started the initative 'SU on Tour' to help combat this. Throughout the year we'll be visiting key student areas off campus, to speak to more of you face to face about SU services. 

more veggie options in the kitchen

There are now vegetarian burgers in the Kitchen. 

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reduce cost of gym membership

The SU are in discussions with the University about this. 

offer belly dancing classes

 The SU are looking into offering this as a Just Play class.

more recognition for winning sports teams

This idea is now being developed by the SU sports team, who are looking into profilling teams in the Blades blog and awarding performance of the week.

reintroduce module readers and circulate lecture slides before a lecture

This idea is being worked on through the course learning materials project. 

mindfullness exercise classes close to exams

This idea is being worked on by our Promise 1 departments with the sports department.

increase awareness of serious mental health issues

The University are currently working on a mental health awareness package for both students and staff.


The Change Week events will be repeated in the future - this is not the only one.

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There are now more sushi products in the Extra Store.

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open the kitchen at the weekend

The Kitchen will be open on Saturdays from mid January 2018 onwards. 

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There are now more free Just Play sessions.

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Every Thursday has free entry to SubZero, with music themed nights.

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During fresher's fortnight, students are allowed to use their government ID to enter age restricted events. After all registrations are complete, the requirement changes to their student ID. This is because all tickets are connected to the student's account, and so the student ID is required to check for tickets.

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Offer more salads in The Store

There are now more salads sold in The Store.

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Advertise SU Learning and Skills opportunities more

SU Learn opportunities have been advertised through a variety of methods.

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Start a Philosophy society

A Philosophy Society has been created. To join the society, click here.

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Hold sports on days other than Wednesday

We offer sporting opportunities every day of the week

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Safety Bus should run until the end of Sub Zero

The Safety Bus runs until one hour after the last venue closes.

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Increase Caribbean food range on campus

There are now Caribbean food products in the SU stores.

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Sell nicotine tablets or gum in SU shop

Student asked for nicotine products within the stores. A small order was placed to see how they sell.

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Make the process of creating a society clearer and easier

A brand new webpage was launched to help students in the process of creating a society.

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More fresh food on campus

More salads and sushi were added in the Extra Store. There are also plenty of other healty options in the Store.

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Give women more of a voice

We have a women’s network and a feminist society where all self-identified female students have the ability to voice any concerns they have. Also, we are planning different events to push this idea forward.

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Make it easier for newcomers to adapt and feel well connected

We organised the Heirloom House, the Fresher's Hub and the Officers Talks in order to make newcomers adapt easier.

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Want to know more?

Head to our live blog of the SU Hackathon by clicking right here.

This is just the beginning

We'll update this page as we make more ideas happen.