Common Rooms


The university and its departments provide a number of common rooms for students on campus and they're a great space to study or meet with other students.

All rooms are open from 8am- 8pm unless otherwise stated

Department Location Notes
Sociology and PPS 5a.325

Coffee machine, microwave and water. ***This room is for Sociology and PPS Students and Staff use only.

Economics 5B.307 Water cooler, fridge, coffee machine**PG, PHD and staff use only
History 5NW.7.1 As you come out of the lift on your way to the History Department it’s on your left just as you come through the first set of doors. Water cooler and coffee/tea machine. Only open during office hours, 8:45-4:45 on Fridays.
LiFTS 5NW.6.1 Water cooler. Coffee Machine
Art History, Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies 6.143 Coffee/tea, kettle, microwave
Essex Pathways 4.116A Kitchen, kettle, microwave, sink
Life Sciences 4.11 Microwaves, kettle, water cooler and fridge
Languages and Linguisitics 4.30a Microwave, kettle, water cooler and fridge
Computer Science and Electronic Engineering 1NW.5.1

Use the bridge on Square 1, which is beside the stairs down to Square 1. Go down the corridor and up one level. The common room is on the left-hand side

Microwave and kettle

Law and Human Rights 5S.6.17  Coffee/tea machine, water cooler, microwave and kettle
Government  5B.303 Coffee/tea machine and fridge
SRES "TimeOut" Water machine, chill out area, table tennis and access to hot water

If you know of a common room that isn't listed here, let us know by emailing