Southend HSC



NEED HELP? Here are your Lead reps:

Nursing: Cheyne Truman SEND AN EMAIL        Social Work: Sophie Issaac SEND AN EMAIL

Oral Health: Kirsty Towler SEND AN EMAIL and Pam Nicole Omondi SEND AN EMAIL    Mental Health: Jola Tong SEND AN EMAIL




su social space is the meZZ (above the su lounge)

Open 8:30am-5pm, Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on Sunday

Summer term SSLC dates: 

Nursing: 11/06/2019

Oral Health: 30/05/2019

Social Work: 17/05/2019, 12:30-1:30PM, GB.2.32

Microwave, kettle, table tennis and other games available




Help us to celebrate our fabulous Nursing students

Nurses' Day is on 12 May and is a day of recognition for the amazing work done by Nurses and our Nursing students.

How to claim back travel costs from placement

If you are a home student in HSC (Nursing/OT/Social Work/Oral Health/SLT) then you can claim back your travel from placement

Brilliant feedback from Health and Social Care students

Representation lunches were held for students in the School of Health and Social Care



Oral Health
Social Work
Term 1 SSLC
Term 2 SSLC
Term 3 SSLC



emily jones-social work

esther omoare-nursing

esther bamuyi-social work

kirsty towler-oral health

nadia mohammed-oral health

pam nicole omondi-oral health science

victoria furnival-social work


nyarai mboneli - Adult nursing

jola tong-mental health nursing

Cheyne truman-nursing


Arinna kelly-adult nursing

ellen boyd-adult nursing

brigid henney-nursing


bolaji koseqbe-mental health