Student DJ Saturday Nights @ Sub Zero

StudenT dj saturday nights @ sub zero


Plain and simple. Saturday nights that don't involve a major guest act, should be reserved for student DJs. There is tremendous talent on-campus that has been consistently ignored, over the years.

For example, the Music Production Society, of which I am the treasurer, has at least ten very good DJs amongst its members. By very good, I mean unimaginably better than the standard Friday Night Project "setlist" act. It is easy to assess the true quality of a DJ, either by listening to demo mixes or monitoring their following. This could be done online.

Personally, as the student DJ of the Uni-Fi parties, I have been urged to mix in primary Sub Zero nights, in order to improve music quality, almost after each of my performances, during the last four years. As a result, I figured I'd like to leave this university with an idea that will help the next few people, who will have a similar level of influnce on the venues' crowds.

The idea doesn't suggest reviving the old practice, whereby student DJs were only appointed to warm up which kept them stranded in the 10-12 dead zone.

The idea recommends 2-3 students apply in advance, thus getting screened (preferably by an elect committee) and eventually booked, to mix the whole night. The night itself should also be assigned healthy promotion resources, rather than a generic image and one line on the SU website, as it used to happen.

This WILL reshape music at OUR VENUES! I have seen countless nights that prove this, whether in town, Frango's, house parties, the first two Full Moon Raves, or even Tuesday and Thursday nights in Sub Zero 2013-15. Please vote NOW for better on-campus entertainment!


Alex Karavournarlis







    MAY 3rd

    Idea approved.


    MAY 13th

    This idea has received support by students. This idea will be taken to the next SU Executive Meeting on Friday May 20th.


    MAY 24TH

    The idea was approved by the Students' Union Executive. VP Services and Communications, Josh, is going to hand this over the VP Services and Communications Elect Jack to look at and plan over the summer to be ready for the start of the new academic year.


    July 25th

    The 2016-17 Executive team at an Exec meeting decided that VP Services and Communications, Jack, VP Student Activities, Sam, and President, Zoe, will take this idea forward.



    Due to the large number of responses from the students when we reached out to prospective DJs on campus, we have created a shortlist ready for further events. We have various events coming up for our successful DJs to perform in, and will allow slots for nights in BASE. We’re always looking for more, so drop our new Events and Promo Coordinator Alice an email at


    OCTOBER 26th

    Various opportunities have come up for student DJ’s to perform so we should hopefully be moving towards having these guys play the venues.


    December 14th

    Student DJs are now DJing at Subzero and we are looking at growing this in time


    March 16th

    The plan was to have students work in the bar, move them to Base and finally in Subzero. Unfortunately there have been some unreliability issues and the team will be meeting in the next few weeks to look at next steps and how they build on work done and avoid some of the issues experienced this year.


    october 31st

    We did the Student DJ Competition in order to support them and to see how good they were. As a follow up, we will be using some of those DJs in our venues, such as Sub Zero or Su Bar, for warm-up acts. 


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