Put the Union Jack on the Library Flagpole

Put the Union Jack on the Library Flagpole


The Union Jack should be flown from the flagpole on top of the library. This does not mean other flags cannot be flown for certain occasions but the Union Flag should be the default option. Britain is proud of its world leading universities, and our universities should be proud of Britain.


Harry Mason








    December 2nd

    Idea approved.


    DECEMBER 13th

    The idea has been referred to the next All Student Meeting.


    January 25th

    The motion has passed. We will now talk to the University about getting the flag flown.


    November 28th

    The Union Jack will not be set as the default flag. The University decided to maintain its current flag and proposed that if students would like to raise the Union Jack on special occasions they can ask and it will be taken into consideration.


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HOW it works

  1. Once the idea has been approved students will have 5 days to make suggestions to improve the idea.
  2. If suggestions are made and accepted by the proposer than the Union Chair will approve the final idea before voting opens.
  3. Voting will then open for five days.
  4. Ideas will only be considered by the Students' Union Executive if they receive at least 25 yes votes or 40% of the vote being yes, which ever number is the greatest.
  5. The idea will be accepted by the Executive if over 60% of the vote supports the idea. If it is inbetween 40% and 60% it will be referred to an All Student Meeting. If the idea gets over 60% of members supporting the Students' Union Executive can still refer the idea to an All Student Meeting.