Book fare

Book fare


Lots of students buy/get books in the first year but it really difficult to then sell them on so I think it be a good idea if during freshers fare older years could sell their books to 1st years.


Klaudia Majek








    February 22th

    Idea has been approved by Union Chair.


    march 6th

    Voting on the idea has closed. The idea will be referred to the next Students' Union Executive Committee where they'll decided whether to take the idea forward or to refer to an All Student Meeting. The next meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, march 21st.


    MARCH 21st

    The idea has been actioned by the Executive Committee and assigned to VP Southend. Ernest has been asked to meet with the studetn regarding the idea and to consider any Tax/VAT issues before implementing the idea. Executive Committee agreed to trial the idea on the Southend campus before setting up in Colchester.


    november 28th

    Students have now various opportunities, such as departments events, in which they can sell their books to 1st years.


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HOW it works

  1. Once the idea has been approved students will have 5 days to make suggestions to improve the idea.
  2. If suggestions are made and accepted by the proposer than the Union Chair will approve the final idea before voting opens.
  3. Voting will then open for five days.
  4. Ideas will only be considered by the Students' Union Executive if they receive at least 25 yes votes or 40% of the vote being yes, which ever number is the greatest.
  5. The idea will be accepted by the Executive if over 60% of the vote supports the idea. If it is inbetween 40% and 60% it will be referred to an All Student Meeting. If the idea gets over 60% of members supporting the Students' Union Executive can still refer the idea to an All Student Meeting.