My daily take away coffee cup

My daily take away coffee cup


Few years ago environmentalists found themselves in front of a crisis: 6.5 million trees are cut down each year only for coffee cups and those coffee cups can't be recycled in normal recycling plants. 10,000 take away coffee cups are used in the UK every 2 minutes. Therefore, where do this cups end up? In landfills or in incineration structures, in both cases damaging our environment, our air and our water. The reason why they can't be recycled is that even paper coffee cups are coated with petroleum based plastic so that the coffee does not leak through the cups.
In August 2014, in the UK a scheme for coffee cups recycling has been launched and it has been growing from then on. It is the only recycling scheme and it is called Simply Cups. On the "About us" section you can read: "Simply Cups works directly with customers to help them efficiently segregate the materials and then by-passes the traditional ‘mixed recycling route’ by collecting, bulking and then sending the materials direct to the re-processors. What the customer gets is a completely transparent service, together with a documented audit trail and the re-assurance that their cups are truly being recycled." ( ). Many Universities, including Loughborough, Bath, Oxford Brookes and Leeds Beckett are already members. The University of Bath have introduced cup recycling bins across the entire campus, together with a discount coffee incentive for students to use reusable cups, and Loughborough University recently had their successful launch event. This is the only way to recycle the un-recyclable and since it is the new generation's and our children's world, a bold and direct action must be taken now. 
Cafe Nero gives you double stamp on your loyalty card when you go there with your own cup. Costa gives you 20% off your coffee and Starbucks 25p off. This is obviously not enough and people all around me keep buying take away coffee cups.
Simply Cups plan includes the setting of special bins throughout the campus and collection of the coffee cups bags, reducing the times general waste and recycling bins need to be emptied and avoiding additional charges and fees when cups and liquids contaminate mixed recycling.
Simply Cups also offers a way of closing the loop by letting the organizations taking advantage of the service to buy back plastic and paper products created from the recycled coffee cups.
The cost of it all is limited and universities get a 50% discount.


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    October 17th

    The idea didn't receive enough votes to pass.


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