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IDEAS THAT we've completed

Officer working on it
Last Update
  Protect students by helping them protect themselves Jess Rich, Ali Awil, Anne-Marie Howe June 9th
  Officer Progress Bars Josh O'Connor June 1st
  vTeam Passport On-line Osei Downes June 1st
  Introduction a tablet/laptop loan scheme on campus Osei Downes June 1st
  Improving Student Ideas Josh O'Connor May 17th
  Introducing monthly SU Exec Question Time Adrian Chira May 8th
  Bike Sheds Josh O'Connor May 3rd
  Affordable hot food in the SU store Josh O'Connor May 3rd
  Water Fountain Installation Josh O'Connor May 3rd
  Safety bus reorganised Josh O'Connor May 3rd
  Improve Screening of Sport in the SU Bar Josh O'Connor April 22nd
  Desserts in the SU Bar Josh O'Connor April 18th
  Reduce the cost of replacing the reg card & accommodation key card Adrian Chira April 8th
  Student Ideas Guidelines Adrian Chira March 31st
  Allow snacks and drink in the library Osei Downes March 30th
  Expanding the Students' Union Venues Policy Anne-Marie Howe March 22nd
  Revision and Replacement of Part-Time Officers Adrian Chira January 22nd
  More study items in the SU Store Josh O'Connor January 21st


IDEAS THAT we're unable to do

Officer working on it
Last Update
  Graduation at Southend Shola Akinyemi, Adrian Chira June 15th
  Post Room on Saturdays Josh O'Connor April 22nd

IDEAS THAT you haven't supported

Officer working on it
Last Update
  Officer Roles and Responsibilities   July 4th
  Eating Areas in the Library   March 21st
  Continued Viewing of Manifestos   March 21st
  Action on Food Wastage for Students   March 1st
  Sleeping Room!!!   January 30th
  Install more macs around campus   January 13th
  More square level PC labs and pod spaces   January 13th
  Britney   January 13th
  Representation to the campus system Josh O'Connor December 11th
  Food bank collection point   December 9th
  One way system   Novemeber 30th
  Implement Windows 10 on campus   November 3rd