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IDEAS THAT we've completed

Officer working on it
Last Update
  Love and support for students with disabilities and mental health conditions Zoe Garshong Mar 27th
  Student votes should be decided by students! Josh Gulrajani Mar 17th
  Reduce the printing cost Josh Gulrajani Mar 17th
  More vegan options Jack Street Mar 16th
  Swimming pool Sam Miles Mar 15th
  Should the Students’ Union join the national demonstration against the increase
in tuition fees?
Zoe Garshong Oct 15th
  Student Networks Leshandra Mandlate, Alicia Gavrila, Taran Baragwanath, Sarah Wagner Sep 1st
  SU Compliance with FOI Request Jack Street July 25th


IDEAS THAT we're unable to do

Officer working on it
Last Update
  Reduce cost for languages for all Zoe Garshong Mar 15th
  More jobs in the Library Zoe Garshong, Josh Gulrajani Nov 23rd
  Don't let the Uni chicken out of PSS funding Jess Blair, Josh Gulrajani, Sarah Wagner Nov 9th
  Slide, no stride! Jack Street Sep 1st
  Freedom of Expression Over No Platforming   Jul 25th

IDEAS THAT you haven't supported

Officer working on it
Last Update
  Stop denying the majority what they voted for!   Mar 27th
  Vending Machines   Mar 27th
  Bring least one DNB artist   Mar 20th
  Volunteering opportunities in local community   Mar 20th
  More languages for all   Mar 6th
  Integration trip for 1st years (Southend)   Feb 27th
  Alternative method of payment for internationals   Feb 27th
  Silent study areas   Feb 15th
  24 hour 'chill zone'   Feb 15th
  Come dine with me   Feb 15th
  Annual candle light vigil in memory of all the victims of terrorism   Feb 15th
  Working class officer Jack Street, Sarah Wagner Jan 25th
  New Pricing for Toasted Sandwhiches   Oct 20th
  Reselling of tickets   Oct 20th
  Delivery of food   Oct 20th
  Officer Roles and Responsibilities   Jul 4th
  Campus kitchen for students   May 19th