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IDEAS THAT we're working on 

Officer working on it
Last Update
  Rice Husk Coffee Cups Nana P Dompre-Sekyi June 26th 2018
  Offer sign language as part of the LFA programme Edmund Walker March 3rd 2019
  University Food Outlets Recycling TBC June 20th 2018
  Southend - SU support with Housing  Andrea V F Lungay June 14th 2018
  Instruments for all Frances Onyinah June 5th 2018
  Room bookings Asha Ali June 5th 2018
  New coffees in the Kitchen TBC June 5th 2018
  Signs at the lakes for not feeding the ducks Nana P Dompre-Sekyi June 5th 2018
  Kpop party night Asha Ali June 5th 2018
  Cheaper temporary accommodation Asha Ali Feb 15th 2017
  Child-friendly room Taran Baragwanath & Nana P Dompre-Sekyi Feb 15th 2018
  Wheelchair access to the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Taran Baragwanath Feb 15th 2018
  Improvements to first buses TBC Jan 25th 2018
  Get Rid of the Exam Resit Fees Edmund Walker Nov 28th 2017
  Improve our Silberrad Centre Edmund Walker Jul 25th 2017

IDEAS THAT we're unable to do

Officer working on it
Last Update
  Keep our essex email after graduation Edmund Walker May 7th 2019