Union Chair

How does it work?

Union Chair from the relevant campus will be elected per campus by students from that campus only - Southend, Loughton and Colchester.

The Union Chair on each campus will work with the SU to ensure that Student Parliament Meetings are well run, productive and participative and establish a code of conduct. To do this the Union Chair may choose to:

- Decide the order or speaking and length of discussion to allow all agenda points to be considered.
- Where necessary, ask for clarification in order to help proceedings.
- Temporarily remove any person present in any meeting who is preventing the meeting from proceeding in a fair manner.

your responsibilities

The Colchester based Union Chair will also be responsible for the running of the AGM

Once appointed the Union Chair shall not be able to submit SU ideas.

The Union Chair will be a member of the University of Essex Students’ Union.

The Union Chair will be appointed, where possible, before the start of the academic year.

The Union Chair, will ensure that elected officers provide appropriate updates to each Parliament meeting of the yearly plan and their activities

The Students’ Union will ensure the Union Chair is supported effectively in their role and will review the Union Chair’s work using feedback from students.

The Students’ Union will ensure that any meetings are facilitated effectively through a substitute if the Union Chair is ill or unable to attend.

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