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Student Jobs

Want to work on campus, meet new people, have fun, boost your CV and earn yourself some money at the same time?

Struggling with self-esteem?

It's normal to feel a little anxious, read on to find great ways you can use to boost your confidence at university.

10 reasons to volunteer with VTeam

VTeam is the volunteering department of the SU and we run loads of volunteering projects for you to get involved in!

…But, seriously. How are you?

Let us know how you are feeling and we'll get back to you with some advice.

Our exclusive Essex SU app...

A new way to connect with other Essex students online before even setting foot on campus...

East 15: Commitment to change and new measures

Read our joint statement with East 15 on our commitment to change and new measures to create a safer environment at East 15.

7 Places to get to know in Loughton

From food to forests, here are 7 places you’ll really want to know about while studying at Loughton (East 15).

3 Ways To Find Food At Loughton Campus

On-Campus, Off-Campus and going to the shops, we'll give you the know how to find food whenever you're feeling hangry.

5 Ways to Build Confidence

“Do not fear to be eccentric of opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”