What We Have Achieved

Our students have been active within the local community as always this year. Highlights so far include:
  • 18 households visited by street reps, conducting introduction visits to students living off campus explaining about recycling, noise and living in a community
  • 46 visits to off campus students carried out, addressing complaints from permanent residents
  • Website for off campus students has been created and can be found here: http://www.essexstudent.com/offcampus/ . This includes information for students such as recycling & rubbish timetables, local support services etc.
  • November’s Home Safety Campaign in Greenstead, helping students to be safe in their homes and answer any questions about living off campus, was a success. This was in conjunction with Les Nicoll (Essex County Fire & Rescue Service), Angie Pearson (Essex Police), and Melinda Bracey (Zone Warden for Greenstead).
  • Business cards with the community@essex.ac.uk email address have been designed to help maintain effective communication with local residents and the university.
  • Student volunteers helping with setting up the annual Langham Bonfire, 7th of November.
  • Christmas campaign to 34 households to create a sense of off campus community among students.
  • Give it food, student volunteers collecting food for those in need before Christmas, donations were given to Colchester Food Bank.
  • International Bake-Off increasing the feeling of community in Greenstead on 12th of February.
  • Home Safety campaign carried out in Wivenhoe in February 2016.
  • Student Volunteering Week; February.
upcoming plans in the local community include:
  • Community Day of Action, improving the area of Greenstead.
  • Our annual Big Spring Clean in April.
  • Community surveys for students and resident to look at local community relations.
  • Safety surveys, looking at main areas to be addressed to improve student experience off campus.
  • Leave Colchester Tidy