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I am the SU President for this year and here to represent your voice here at the University and in the local community.

If you have any question please drop me an email:

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National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) COnference

I attended on Monday this week the National NCVO Conference alongside our CEO, one of our external trustee and Asha Ali, our incoming President.

The organization is there to represent Charities, help them and develop the sector to fulfill its objectives. The conference is an opportunity to interact with key stakeholders in the sector but also fellow charities. Furthermore, it's really an opportunity to see what is happening in the sector, the challenges that we are facing, the possibilities and then more specific elements.

The day opened with comments around key actors in the sector such as the NCVO CEO which talked about the future of the sector and what to expect. It closed with the CEO of Reclaim and the roots programme, who is doing some very exciting work that we are interested to do here at Essex. Watch this space.

I took part in two activities one around standards in your charities and how not to worry as a trustee which was interesting but covered a number of elements we already have in place. The second activity was around what a leader should be in the 21st Century with 4 women CEO, which was brilliant. Talked about some of the opportunities, what needs to change in the sector and much more.

As the chair of our Trustee Board, it was a very important day and really helped me around some of the challenges that we are facing but also around the exciting opportunities coming up both for our board and our members.

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Mission checkpoint 2 

At the start of the year, we decided to look at many ways on how to improve our Students' Union.

One of the changes that we decided to make was to introduce a termly Mission Checkpoint.

As a SU we set at the start of the year our annual mission, which are the main objectives that we have set ourselves for the coming year. The idea behind the mission checkpoint is for it to be a meeting with all our staffs where we review how the last term went, what were the challenges that we faced, what we are looking forward to the coming term and finally ensure that everyone has a similar understanding of what we aim to do as a SU.

This Mission checkpoint was a success. We focused on the Big Plan, our financial position and feedback from our members. This was very important and very well received by our staff. 

We are at a very interesting cross-road as a SU and this is merely the beginning. We are achieving with our members what so many SUs have struggled to do for many years. This would not be possible without YOU, without our staffs and all the Sabbatical Officers.

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Vice-chancellor's reception for students' union leaders 

We hosted an incredible event on Monday 17/03 for the Student Leaders of our SU. Leaders from Societies, Sports, Rebel, Volunteering, SU Parliament and our Part-time Officer.

It was great to see so many attend and especially for our VC to celebrate the importance of our Student Leaders in leading our SU but more importantly the work they do to inspire our students.

This event was also a chance to recognize and celebrate the work of our Staff, who work tirelessly to ensure that our students have the best Educational and Student Experience out our University.

Thank you to all of you for attending at the event.

 NSS- why should you care?

Our biggest job as your SU is to make sure that the voice of students is heard and acted upon - you’re at the heart of everything we do.

Together this has helped us achieve big things; this year alone the SU has worked to get the library open 24/7, introduce free printing, saved students money and much more.

Amazing things don’t always happen easily though.

So it’s also our job to help challenge and question – working in partnership with the University – to help make change that will continue to improve our community.  That means looking at the details, as well as the bigger picture.

But in order to help make change, and make things better, we need to know what you think.

If you’re a final year student, you’ll get an email from Monday 4 February asking you to fill in the National Student Survey, the NSS. Or, if you’re a first or second year undergraduate, you’ll be asked to fill in the UKES, the UK engagement survey.

These major surveys take a snapshot of students’ opinions from across the UK. You’ll be asked about a range of issues, like your coursework, assessment and feedback, facilities and support services, and your SU.

Let us know what you think. Tell us about your experience at Essex. Tell us about your SU – why we’re good, what more we can do – just tell us. Use this as an opportunity to put Essex on the map, and to have your say.

And, if you need a further incentive, the SU has worked with the university to make sure that each NSS survey completed means £1 will go to a local charity near your campus, in Colchester, Southend or Loughton.

As President of our Students’ Union, I‘m dedicated to listening to you, and making sure that the voice of students is represented at every level of the university.

Together we’ve got a voice. Let’s use it for positive change.

Young Universities for the future of europe

I went for a day this week to Rome on Tuesday. We have joined since the end of last year a European consortium called Young Universities for the future of Europe following a call from the French President Emmanuel Macron: 


"...... I believe we should create European Universities – a network of universities across Europe with programmes that have all their students study abroad and take classes in at least two languages. These European Universities will also be drivers of educational innovation and the quest for excellence. We should set for ourselves the goal of creating at least 20 of them by 2024. However, we must begin setting up the first of these universities as early as the next academic year, with real European semesters and real European diplomas.”


We are working with 6 other Universities across different countries of the European in order to finish the bid that will be submitted in Februrary. We cannot revealled too much details as of now before the final bid and we will keep on updating you throughout the process.

Thanks for reading.

First Colchester student parliament 


Following the work, we did last year in order for us a Union to have students even more at the center of everything we do; we introduced two of the most groundbreaking changes we've seen in the sector and as a Union in recent years:

Big 5:

The big 5 was a project through which we collected thousands of feedbacks from students to shape the work of the Union for the coming year. The 5 headings that student wants us as a Union to work on are My course, Mental Health, Accommodation, Study Spaces and Cost of Living. This will be worked on by all the Sabbatical Officers who are involved in a specific heading, our staff but more importantly with the constant involvement of students to represent all our voices as a collective. Furthermore, an instrumental part of this work will be headed by our Student Parliament.

Student Parliament:

Our Student Parliament consists of 3 representatives of every community with a parliament in Colchester, Southend, and Loughton. The responsibility of the parliament is to be involved and work on delivering on the Big 5 promises as well as setting some priorities of the Union for the coming year. Another important role they will be heading this year will be to keep the officers of the Union accountable for heading projects.

This is a VERY exciting year for our community, focusing ever so more on the needs and wants of ourselves in order to deliver on both an incredible Educational experience but equally on an amazing student experience.

Thanks for reading.

Colchester borough council


We went and met up with the Strategic Director of Customer and Relationships for the Colchester Borough Council. The objective of the meeting was to introduce the Students' Union, the work we have achieved in the past, the Big 5, the vision we had for the Students' Union for the coming year and finally the importance for us to work in partnership as we are representing the voice of 15,000 students who are residents of the local community.

The first strand that we wanted to discuss was the security of our members especially around the Greenstead area, the relation between the local resident and students resident; and finally the general accommodation situation in the Colchester Area.

The second strand that we wanted to discuss was the impact that our members are having and can have in the local community. We talked about some recent work we have done with Citizen UK, our brilliant vTeam and volunteers; and how we could even scale that up more.

We were very pleased with the positive response we received and the additional meetings that we have been invited to have further discussions with different partners.

This is a very exciting time and we are looking forward to all the positve work that will come out of this partnership.

Thanks for reading.

Welcome to Essex and my blog


Welcome to my blog. The idea of the blog is to give you update about my work, what I do day to day, the work that the Union is doing, and important project or events that I want to highlight.

We always describe this Union as a collective that works together in order to achieve together a transformative educational and student experience. You are an integral part of this and if you have any question or want to get involved send me an email.

You will be brilliant.

Thanks for reading.