We know that this year has been difficult and that you might be feeling anxious, as well as excited about what’s to come! As your SU, it’s our priority to support you to have the best experience possible, regardless of what that looks like to you.

We understand the last thing you want to do when coming to university and a new country is to stay inside. So, we've put together a Welcome programme that we hope will help you to settle in, make friends and learn about all that we have to offer - all of which you can get involved with whilst in isolation. 

We are a community of over 17,000 students, and you are our newest member! On this page you'll find out about the perks of your FREE SU membership, alongside some activities and the odd treat along the way.


Our Students’ Union is ran by Sabbatical Officers who are students elected to run the Students’ Union. Below are messages from some of our current team.

To learn more about the full team, visit this page.


Our exlcusve app, Umii, allows you to meet other students by matching you to people on the same course or based on your interests. By the time you get out of quarantine you will hopefully have friends that you can meet for a coffee or join an event with. 


All you need to do is set up your profile with your interests and a quick bio and then you're all set!


Every day Umii will suggest 5 new Essex students to connect with. 


Before you know it you'll be connecting and messaging other Essex students and whether it's a shared love of pizza or something else, who knows, hopefully you'll make friends for life.



Moving to university is a really exciting time and we are sure you want to know all you can about what’s in store for you when you arrive on campus!

Our Welcome site has all the information you need to know about the SU and what you can get involved in!




We know that it may feel lonely whilst you are quarantining. We have great online events to keep you entertained during your quarantine, such as quizzes a mixers.

Come and join us for the Isulation Quiz! This will be a great opportunity to meet other Essex students who are also quarantining and to have a bit of fun. You could also be in with a chance of winning £25 Fusion takeaway vouchers! 

Thursday16th September at 7pm: Click here to join!
Thursday 23rd September at 7pm: Click here to join!
Thursday 30th September at 7pm: Click here to join!

Come and join our Quarantine Mixer for the chance to meet and chat to other students before you arrive on campus! This online mixer will be hosted on Toucan, a virtual space that allows you to move freely across 'tables' and speak to different groups. 

Saturday 18th September at 4pm: Click here to join!
Saturday 25th September at 4pm: Click here to join!

Just Play 

We put on free, in person, Just Play events throughout the year, and have one every day during welcome fortnight for you to try out. Until then, here is your first Just Play experience virtually!



If you want to see everything thats coming up head over to our What’s On page. 






Hopefully the information we have shared with you has helped you to feel more prepared for when you arrive on campus. We hope you get settled into your accommodation and enjoy all of the great events we have planned for you.

As your SU, we are here for you, no matter what! We will be running tours of campus for when your quarantine ends, to sign up for one, click here. We can't wait to meet you!