Exec Officers

Full-time officers

Full time officers are Essex students who are taking a year out of studying, or have just graduated. Every year all Essex students to pick the Full-Time Officers for the next year in the Leadership Race which takes place in February.

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zoe garshong

President of the SU

3rd year BSC Economics

African Caribbean Society Member

Jesus Alive Fellowship Member

Enactus UK President of the Year 2015/16

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My plans for this year:

  • Closing the attainment gap, and improving quality of educational resources

  • Increasing more employment opportunities for students, making careers fairs more diverse, making connections with renowned employers

  • Making student experiences even more enjoyable and unforgettable 

Josh Gulrajani

VP Education

3rd year LLB Law

President of Law Society 2015/16

Exceptional Services to Societies 2016

Big Essex Gold Student of the Year

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My plans for this year:

  • Reducing student:staff ratio, and challenging the increase in class sizes

  • Improving employability by creating masterclasses, organising a diversity day, and talking to local businesses

  • Cutting hidden costs by reducing printing costs and scrapping hardcopy submissions

Saffy Allayna

VP International

3rd year LLB Law & Politics

Malaysian Soc Member

Pole Dancing Club Member

ISA Member

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My plans for this year:

  • Improving living experiences at Essex

  • Improving future support

  • Increasing intergration


VP Services & Comms

MA History

Supervisor in the SU Bar



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My plans for this year:

  • Make our services more efficient for the increased intake of students

  • Continue to make student voices heard in our services

  • Create a more consistent and fairer experience when using our services


VP Southend

MA Project Management

Christian Union Member

African Caribbean Society Southend Member

Big Essex Award Bronze

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My plans for this year:

  • Strengthen Essex Start-up and entreprenuerial activities

  • Support Course Reps to increase engagement

  • Run more activities on the Southend Campus


VP Student Activities

3rd year BSc Genetics


Dance Club member

Athletics Member

African Carribean Society Member

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My plans for this year:

  • To help find an alternative system/way to fund free sport 

  • To diversify and increase the amount of events across campuses 

  • To increase member count and participation for sports and socs

Jess Rich

VP Welfare & Community

3rd year BA Drama

Second year as a full-time officer


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My plans for this year:

  • Create welfare and community team

  • Focus on mental health awareness

  • Improve nights out with consent and sensitivity training for door staff


Part-time officers

Part-time officers and elected just like full-time officers, but they're still students working on their degrees too. They're broken down into a couple of categories:

Section and liberation

Section and Liberation Officers work with the Full-time Officers and are elected to represent specific groups of students.

LesHandra Mandlate

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnics Officer

2nd year LLB Law

Member of the Human Rights Society

Member of Cheerleading Club

Member of the Squash Club

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My plans for this year:

  • Raise Awareness for mental health issues within the BAME Community

  • Work towards minimising the BAME Attainment Gap

  • Amplifying the voices of the BAME Community by involving more ethnic groups in events and campaigns 

alicia gavrila

Disabled Students' Officer

2nd year BA International Relations and Modern Languages

Member of the Romanian Society

V Team Volunteer

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My plans for this year:

  • Offer as much support as possible to students with disabilities and long term health issues and represent them in the best way I can.

  • To help provide easier access to lectures on listen again for students

  • To help improve and bring a better marketing of the idea of informing


East 15 (Loughton) President

3rd year BA Acting




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My plans for this year:

  • Making SU food and drinks more affordable for Loughton students

  • Free tampons for emergency purposes on campus 

  • Increasing the student voice 

Taran baragwanath

LGBT* Officer

2nd year BA Sociology

Secretary for the Feminist Society.

Member of the LGBT* and Friends Society

Member of the Politics Society

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My plans for this year:

  • More non-alcoholic socials for LGBT* Students.

  • More support for trans students at the University

  • Implementing a more robust support Network for LGBT* students.


Mature Students' Officer



3rd Year Psychology Course Rep

Member of the Pole Dancing Club

V Team Volunteer – Golden Age

Cub Scout Leader – 3rd Clacton (Jaywick)

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My plans for this year:

  • Reaching out to ‘the lost’ Mature Students at the University of Essex - Publications and Fundraisers.
  • Helping the Student Union with it’s vision of a child friendly campus – Support and information for parents
  • Make the Mature Students feel like apart of the Student Body again – Events, Updates, statistics, a Voice.

Theo Lambrou

Postgraduate Taught Officer

Management & Organisational Dynamics

SU Marketing Web Assistant

Former SU Trustee

Member of Climbing Club 

Excellence in Volunteering Award

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My plans for this year:

  • Form an effective postgraduate students' network

  • Work with the University to create graduate placements for PGT students

  • Create more events tailored to PG students

Bahare Afrahi

Postgraduate Research Officer


2nd Year PhD  Entrepreneurship

Essex Entrepreneurship Society Founder

Women International Motorcycle Association (WIMA) fellow

MSE PhD Rep to PhD Liaison Committee


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My plans for this year:

  • Increasing students Engagement in the university’s decisions and operation
  • Launching the “Essex Bio Gas” project: bio gas from food waste in university accommodation
  • Launching “unicity” project: collaboration between city and entrepreneurship department in Southend


Women's Officer

3rd year International Relations

Member of Essex Radical Platform

Palestine Solidarity 

Zapatista Solidarity 


Yoga & Meditation

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My plans for this year:

  • Safety (No more of the university's victim blaming, more transparent and easy to access harassment report forms)

  • Awareness (More campaigns around sexual harassment and sexism in the workplace including workshops and speakers)

  • Communication (Connection with societies and students to work together to end the patriarchy on campus)

Open Portfolio Officers

Open Portfolio Officers are elected on a specific issues that want to campaign for or change at the University

Klaidas Mazaliauskas

Open Portfolio Officer





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My plans for this year:

  • Anti-Racism campaign following Brexit
  • Supporting Homeless people throughout the UK 
  • Having a blog

Emma Holland

Open Portfolio Officer

3rd MSc Politics & Human Rights

President of Environmental Soc

President of Punk Soc

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My plans for this year:

  • Support University's commitment to sell of investments in fossil fuels

  • Reduce waste and encourage ethical sourcing on campus

  • Maintain and preserve green space on campus

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