Officer Report

Black, asian and minority ethnics officer


At the moment we are focusing on Black History Month (October) and have set quite a few things in motion for this. The theme for it will be centred on ‘education through celebration’. 

We have also discussed putting together an anti-discrimination video that would play throughout the year similar to the sexual harassment video. 

Lawrence Walker – who organises Colchester Black History Month – has agreed to collaborate with the SU on some events on and off campus. 

We have agreed on the events that we want for Black History Month and to collaborate with ACS for their Heritage Show After-party. 

We are looking at getting Akala to come in and speak to students about Black History during Black History Month and have discussed using Bianca Miller for a later time in the year to speak on black start-ups and black owned businesses. 

We have organised venues for events, and set up a Facebook group for execs of societies that have agreed to work together with me on Black History Month. 

We have been having bi-weekly meetings with the working group to keep track of progress and put forward ideas for BHM.

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