Officer report

Black, asian and minority ethnics officer

December, was a month of planning for me. Some of the ideas that I am trying to put in place for next term are:

  1. The why is my curriculum so white book club - this is where students will have the opportunity to read and then discuss books by people of colour. The book club may then subdivide into courses and discuss material put together by people of colour but are not on the reading lists. This would start initially with a facebook group of people who wish to be a part of the book club.
  2. Solidarity with Aleppo, refugees and victims of war. At the end of the term the Essex Islamic Society held a last minute prayer for the people of Aleppo who are about to lose their home and possibly their lives. The continued destruction of Aleppo and appeals by the people of Aleppo via social media have moved myself and a group of students to take action. Following the prayer/ vigil I have been researching trustworthy and genuine charities and organisations that would accept donations for Aleppo. This could possibly feed into/ continue the Syrian Refugee campaign that Adrian started last year.
  3. #BlackHistoryMatters campaign video. I have taken to facebook to enlist the help of students to help me put together a campaign video for my black history matters campaign and anti-discrimination campaign. I've hit a speed bump on this because although I've spoken about it to the SU I'm still not sure if I'm getting any help with it as I don't really know the first place to start so I have enlisted the help of film students/ any students with experience or who just want to get involved.

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