Officer report

Black, asian and minority ethnics officer


This month I worked on the anti-racism campaign. We have finished recording everyone’s interviews and I am now working on the footage editing it into the final product.

I also organised the coach for the anti-racism demo in London. There was not much advertisement from the SU for this but I did get help from the other liberation officers and the stand up to Racism society to spread the news about the coach. Despite this,, along with some students, I took part in the March against racism for UN anti-racism day and I would encourage the SU to take part in this day next year as a union that encourages being a “rebel with a cause”.

I am working with The VP Education and the library to get BAME authors into the library and have a display in the library from which students can peruse BAME authors and articles. We have also discussed my idea of a BAME author book club and how that would work out.

leshandra mandlate

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