officer report

Black, asian and minority ethnics officer

Black History Month

The month of September has been incredibly successful for the planning of Black History Month. We are coming to the final stages of the planning.

This month we have successfully:

  • Finalised room and speaker bookings
  • Given shape to all BHM events
  • Finished all marketing, printed out flyers for the Female is Future event and printed out the Black History Month booklet containing information of all events taking place during the month.
  • Created a document for students to sign up to volunteer during the month
  • Discussed the BAME Book Club idea with the Albert Sloman Library, who have given the BAME Network their support.

We are currently working on:

  • Confirming external catering for the Festival
  • Confirming performers for the Festival
BAME Book Club
  • We will be working with the library to hold a monthly book club meeting with students to discuss books written by authors of ethnic minority origins. This idea will be used to increase diversity among students in regards to the type of books they read. Our hope is that this will help to encourage greater variety of reading amongst students, as well encouraging reading as a form of leisure.
Freshers Fair

We have successfully:

  • Created, and printed out leaflets
  • Created an incredibly colourful banner

We are currently finalising:

  • An activity to run during Fresher's Fair to engage students to our stall and providing a prize.
  • Badges to give out to students
  • Sweets for our stall
  • The BAME Student Network is currently planning the BAME Mixer, which will be held on the 3rd of October.
  • We are planning a mixer that will be fun, engaging and informative for students. Our aim is to help students make friends with someone new, but also feel a real sense of community and belonging here at Essex University. We'll do this through ice breakers, games and lots of information about BAME year ahead. We will use the mixer as an opportunity to ask students, especially first years, about what they expect to see from a student committee representative of them.


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