Officer Report

East 15 (Loughton) President

Trump March

On the 20th of February a number of students attended the Trump March. The cooperation of the school was a new feat for us as a Students Union, furthering our goal to make the students voice become a reality

Microwave and Kettle

We have finally been able to achieve in putting a kettle and microwave into the Students Union! This is something that students have been asking for long before the beginning of my presidency. It is currently under trial basis to evaluate the effect this will have on café sales. The response has been great and I would like to thank all students for treating the equipment with such courtesy and respect.

Fruit and Water

The end of Spring term is a busy time at East 15, with many different shows happening and continuous use of the Corbett Theatre which is placed right next to the Students Union. We wanted to recognise that students need different things from their Students Union at this stressful point in the year and tried to figure out ways we could aid their needs. We began our Fruit and Water Campaign, which students who are in assessed productions receive during show week to maintain energy and hydration, two things, which are essential for a working actor. If you have a show coming up please do let us know so we can get these organised for you!

Collecting feedback for the new building

Building work is in full force at the East 15 Loughton campus and we want to ensure that students have a say in what the new space will look like. We have discussed student desires in our Cabinet Meeting and also hosted a successful focus group meeting to gather a wider range of views. We have now collated these into a pamphlets that will be available for students to review in the upcoming term. Following this we would like to gather a second round of feedback to ensure that we collect as much detail as possible. We are in the process of ensuring that this student feedback is taken into as much consideration as possible.

Vital Stats Feedback

We have had fantastic results in our recent Vital Stats Results, which has shown the progress the Students Union has made in the last year. However, we still have a long way to go, and encourage students to keep speaking up and talking to us about how they envision the future of our Students Union. 


Robin Hall Smith and Shannon Williams chaired a wonderful LGBT week. With a highly successful LGBT Quiz Night and Pride Party/Open Mic Event the week was well attended and received by all participants. I hope that this will continue on to following years.

Student DJS

We have put a call out for students DJs and have had the fabulous Nicole Watson and Michael Crean. We would like to encourage more budding DJs to put themselves forward for the upcoming term.



Mood Up Monday

We are hoping to hold another Mood Up Monday event next term following the positive response from last term. Mental health and self-care is something we would like to promote as a students union and this will be a continuation of promoting the service available to students.

Cheaper Food and Drink

One of my more complicated goals was to decrease the price of café food and have healthy, cheaper alternatives for students who are strapped for cash. Achieving this will be one of my main goals in the upcoming term. As well as introducing more drinks deals during the week, not just on Friday nights.

Election of New President and Hand over

After an exciting election MaryHee has been elected as your new president for the upcoming academic year. She is currently undergoing her presidential training at Colchester Campus and we will be working together over the next term to work on Maryhee’s visions for the upcoming academic year.

Essex Cup

The Essex Cup will take place on the 30th of April at Colchester Campus and we are the current Cup holders!! We would like to continue our success this year and it wuld be great to have as many East 15 students involved as possible. Sign up if you would like to be part of a team here is the link: And for those who would just like to come and support there will be buses organised for all East 15 Loughton Students.


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