Officer Report

East 15 (Loughton) President


One of the main things that the SU in Loughton has been focused on this month is the executive handover between Mali (2016/17 President) and myself. I’ve been in training since March, and officially started July 1st. We decided that to ensure a smooth handover we would both work as President for the month of July. This has been really helpful to make sure that I’m fully prepared for the position so that my time in office will be used as effectively as possible.


We helped host Welcome Day on July 15th, engaging more than we’ve ever engaged in the past. We set up booths with printed information, a polaroid photo booth, games, freebies, etc. This was the first time that we had SUHomes up and running as an alternative option for the students. We also provided catering for the day and also collaborated with the BA Acting International and BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre courses to have as much student representation as possible. I helped organise with these students and the school, and helped oversee what we were presenting to the students. On Welcome Day I gave an introduction to the SU during the welcome talks and spoke to various students regarding what the SU does and the ways they could contact me.


Part of the handover and training process has been looking at my manifesto and solidifying our plans for the year with main colleagues including Zoe (SU President) and the other executive officers, Mali, and Lee. This mainly involves establishing how my plans can be done and when they will be done. This has been an important part in ensuring that students are going to get what they want/need and that the year will be used efficiently.



The month of August will be a lot of planning and working towards making sure that a lot of events and campaigns are up and running with the start of the academic year. Some that I hope to have ready for the new year include a Walk-Me-Home system for nighttime safety, Priceless Periods and  Free Condoms more readily available, JustPlay, an extended version of JustPlay for non-athletic classes (if students feel interest), Black History Month and other exciting things! We will be presenting our manifesto to the Senior Staff of the university in August as well as having our first executive meeting.


A large amount of August will be preparing for Freshers’ week. We are hoping to make Freshers Week bigger and better than it has been in the past with more day-time activities and much more student input. Following our promise of shaping everything around the students, the planning process will largely be based on what students say they want and us doing our best to deliver that!


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