Officer Report

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer+ officer

  • This month myself and the network have been focussing on making new students feel welcome and the election of the Trans+ Officer.
  • We had nearly 100 people attend our first mixer during Welcome Week, which was a fantastic attendance. We’ve had really good constructive feedback so far on how the mixer went – this will be going to make our next mixer, which is happening soon, even better.
  • We’ve had over 260 people claim their free membership for the LGBT+ Network so far, which is a 270% increase on the final membership total from last year, which is fantastic news. Emails will be going out shortly, after the election of the Trans+ Officer, on what our plans are for the term.
  • On the election of the Trans+ Officer, we’ve had fantastic feedback from several other unions on the position so far. We have three candidates running for the position, which is absolutely fantastic. You can find out more about the role as well as the manifestos of each candidate at
  • Our first Trans+ Awareness Week is only a matter of weeks away. We’ve got some really exciting things planned, so keep an eye on the Network page and social media for more details.

As always, if you’ve got feedback or want to get more involved with the LGBT+ community at Essex, drop me an email at .

taran baragwanath

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