Officer Report

open portfolio officer


During this month, I have met with Essex Pathways students and from them I understood they need more academic support. Due to this, my next step is to talk with the people from Talent Development Center to organize more workshops for international students at the beginning of the autumn term. The other type of workshops that I am interested and I want to bring to Southend campus are related with Essex Startups. My next step is to talk with them and eventually to make one of these workshops at the beginning of the academic year and to see how many people are going to be interested. At the moment, I am also in process of searching for workshops for East15 and HHS students.

Women Empowerment Event

During this month, I have been working on events for the International Women’s Week with our Women’s Officer. We have decided on events that will take place and how we will try to help students on every campus try to participate. Also, we had a meeting where we discussed how we will manage to make these events a success. We have also discussed how we will raise awareness of the Students’ Union and the executive team throughout fresher’s week.


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