Officer Report

Postgraduate Research Officer

The EBS PhD room was the hot topic of the month. In the beginning of July EBS PhD students were informed that their PhD room will be repaired: Meanwhile, they have to move out and use other spare spaces at the University. For the PhD students in their completion year, such a situation makes a huge difference. Not to say that the school didn’t consult students about the matter but just informed them about the decision. The situation made a huge turbulence from students. Make the story short, EBS stepped back, and the changes are on hold. Meanwhile at SU we have been trying to communicate the issue with University executives and find a solution.

Apart from PhD room nothing really happened in July. The summer is here, and although there isn’t holiday as such for PhD students, it has been somehow quiet.

I wish you all a relaxing time wherever you are, and success in whatever you’re achieving. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer.




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