Officer Report

Postgraduate Taught Officer

This first month after being elected was mostly about settling in in my role though there are several things I would like to mention. 

PG Open Evening

I have attended the University’s postgraduate open evening alongside Jack and Natalie where we had set up an SU stall providing information on what the SU offers to prospective postgraduate students.

PG Mixer

I have attended a Postgraduate Mixer in Top Bar on 21st Nov. A few postgraduates attended however I have to say it wasn’t that successful – I am now looking on ways for making the next mixer a success (such as consulting postgraduates on time/day they are available)

PG Network

I have started working on forming the postgraduate students’ network. After having a meeting with Zoe, Bahare and Michelle we’ve decided it’d be best to have a joint network for taught and research postgraduates. I have just recently created a FB group which we hope will get active gradually, and we are meeting next week with Bahare to decide on the roles of the network committee. We will also work on setting up a webpage on for the network soon.

PG Internships

I have met with Josh and discussed the possibility of creating graduate internships for postgraduate taught students within the University. We have contacted the Employability & Careers Centre about it and we are now awaiting a response.

PG Conference

Bahare and I are attending a conference for postgraduate officers from SU’s from all over the country in Nottingham on Friday 2nd Dec. We are looking forward to this as it will be a useful opportunity to hear from other officers about their postgraduate provision, and ways in improving the postgraduate experience.


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