Officer Report

Postgraduate Taught STUDENTS'  Officer

Mid Term

To start off the new month properly I hosted my first Postgraduate exclusive event on the 8th of February. This Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Event was like a miniature TED-Talk with various speakers. There were talks on ‘Media Narratives and Male Fantasies- Depictions of Women in Crisis’, ‘Human heights and health since 1870’, ‘Mystification of ‘Post-Truth’ world, A Laingian and Adornian Analysis and the Computer Science of Medical Imaging. The majority of the postgraduates that attended really enjoyed the event and discussions about topics, which were unique in their own. From this feedback I have decided that this was a much-needed event for postgraduates to enjoy and thus should be a more common occurrence. If the events become more common I.E once every term it will interest more lecturers and students and give postgraduates a sense of pride due to the exclusiveness to really unique talks.

I'll be working closely to see whether or not the SU will hold another event over the summer for students to take a break from their dissertations or work and learn more about the world we live in.

Recent Developments                   

With the next term coming in quickly its important for me to make sure that postgraduates across campus have an enjoyable summer. I’m continuing to work closely to see what I can do to open the library for longer hours as many postgraduates I’ve met work solely within the library rather then at home. Some good news for postgraduates is the successes in Top Bar. I was pleased to hear from staff that postgraduates have ‘returned’ to Top Bar and use its services more than undergraduates. Knowing this I believe its important to see whether these successes can also be pushed into the summer term, I want to emphasize that while postgraduates should be working hard over the summer theirs a need to take time for yourself. Unlike former years I want to see the summer term bustling with activity and bring as many postgraduates back to campus and enjoy their time here before moving out into the world.


As always enjoy this term and if anyone has any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to send me and email.


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