Officer Report

Postgraduate Taught STUDENTS'  Officer

Student Parliament:

As many people would know Student Parliament happened recently, I would recommend all postgraduates to watch as major issues encompassing postgraduate issues was a main topic discussed. I spoke out about some of the issues that hadn’t been noticed for example, the importance of an inclusive campus not being a priority. I applaud the staff that worked really hard on making student parliament happen, as I know they worked for a long period of time and I can’t thank them enough for giving postgraduates on campus a voice. Nevertheless, as many PG’s students feel this voice is rather small when it comes to the grand scale of university issues. I’m determined to make sure that PG students come to the forefront and that what has been reoccurring issues throughout the years at the university are finally addressed. PG students both taught and research, should speak out. While I won’t be in the next parliament due to the fact it is in the next academic year PG students should still use the platform as much as possible, the issues for postgraduates should remain a priority and I would hope that every parliament postgraduate issues are addressed and moved forward upon. Student Parliament isn’t perfect and there still a lot of work that needs to be done and thus before I leave I want to make sure that issues such as employability, inclusive campus and postgraduate activities are continually on the forefront. I will make sure that the Sabbatical Officers consider postgraduates on the same level as undergraduate students. The staff has have made sure to work diligently in making postgraduates issues are on the forefront and I couldn’t appreciate it enough. Throughout the summer I will be working closely with the staff to make sure that postgraduates continue to have an enjoyable summer.

Library and Academic Updates:

There have been some small updates, I wish there was more to tell nevertheless, from what I’ve heard the library will be open over the summer. Nonetheless, I have suggested (since some hurdles have appeared) to have certain days the library should be open and some the library closes at a normal time. This way I can work with the staff to urge students to work during the time the library is open and when the library closes to have events for postgraduates thus making sure PG students have an enjoyable summer as well as an academic one. A major improvement however, is academic support in both a master thesis and also academic struggles such as Rstudio. Some may have seen that from the 2nd to the 6th of July, the university has moved forward with helping students writing their thesis. I would recommend going to these events especially if anyone is struggling with their thesis.

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