Officer Report


BAME Engagement
  • Connect a series, across all campuses for BAME professional to network in a unique way with students. The next one will be on the 26th of January, talking about the issues that Black Boys face and how to overcome. Renowned speaker from PwC, comedian Eddie Kadi, an Ex Vp Education and motivational Speaker Action Jackson, will be attending. We will be discussing how Black can overcome issues they face. I have now established a group of volunteers to work on this for the year, which also them develops their employability skills.
  • BAME forum: we have finalised the details for the next BAME forum for the 31st of January. To ensure that the issues we discussed in the last meeting are listening too and acted upon, we have invited senior members of staff such as the PVC education, Director of Student life, Director of campuses services, to attend so that the issues are going straight to the people that can make change.
  • BAME role models project, we have had meetings on how to identify BAME role models on campus, (members of staff and alumni). Started a project working group with the University of Essex’s student engagement team
Urban nights
  • Made sure the popular DJ’s are book for the Coko’s. For example P Montana. Working one making sure that the popular DJ’d are booked for the rest of the year.
  • Had regular catch ups with East 15 president, planning how events for Valentine’s Day and for54 Easter.
  • Had a student forum, to find out the exact support they need.
  • Working on improving food quality and reducing the cost of drinks, in the venue.
  • VP Southend and I have set the date for the first official BAME forum and BAME committee to help lead the BAME forum
  • Working with students to develop a sexual harassment campaign. I co-hosted an event in Southend to raise awareness of the issues. We are now putting a team together and a year plan.
Entrepreneurs Network
  • Planning launch event for beginning of February.
  • We now have a team of Students in Southend that are also part of the Project group.
  • We have finished the online platform working, all the information for both campuses are on.
  • I support the team and sent the on personal development training so that they are equipped for their roles
  • Finalising the partnership with Santander
Mental Health Awareness
  • Working with VP Welfare and community to establish a mental health awareness campaign
  • Had a meeting with Birmingham am city about how to get funding for the campaign
  • Had a meeting with the Deputy Vice Chancellor about funding and collaboration with the university
Inclusivity Project
  • Created a platform for student to get involved. Promoted on social media.
  • Selected logo and name for the campaign
  • Selected starting date
End FGM Campaign
  • Collaborated with Alumni, organisation call FORWARD and ACS to run campaign on campus
  • Organised the first event of the year of the year.


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