Officer Report


BAME Engagement
  • Connect we gave officially created an established a connected committee, That will be SU volunteers to put on employability and educational events for the BAME community.
  • We had the last BAME forum of the term. This time we focused on solutions for the these topics: 
  1. Why is my curriculum so white?
  2. The attainment gap
  3. Employability and careers
  4. Venues, food, events 
  • To invite more BAME lecturer to come to give special lectures from another culture perspective.
  • Training from external companies and specialist to give training to students and staff about the attainted gap, so that we are all more aware of it.
  • We have had meeting with the Alumni team, to create start to look at events with can invite notable BAME alumni over to come back and give talks.
  • We have a new afro-Caribbean stall coming to campus in the summer term
  • The SU stalls will push promotion on the product request wall so that students can get the food that they want ordered in the store.
  • We will be looking at chart music from around the world, to help sub-zero night’s to be more diverse, when it comes to music
  • Seriously, looking at spaces we can turn into a alcoholic free venue. This venue will be run by the SU as students requested.
Urban nights
  • Worked with the Venues team to book DJ Afro B and Kenny All Star (to host) for Subzero’s 10th birthday.
  • Had a meeting with the senior staff members of East 15. We have now working on restructuring the student voice committee and the meeting itself ad well the Student events committee
  • Working VP Southend to restructure and reorganised the SU ambassador’s team. We had a meeting with the current SU ambassadors to find out what went well and what we can improve on. Students told  us that they want training in event planning and organisation they also expressed that they want to do more to represent students a crossed the campus. The VP Southend and I are now designing a training programme 
Entrepreneurs Network
  • Officially launched the Network, We invited CEO of Vitea London ‘William Adoasi’ a young successful entrepreneur that students requested to come at give a talk .
  • We held a hackathon
  • We have prepared one student to get ready for the national Santander award
One Essex Campaign
  • We now have an established team of students dedicated to get the antiracism, anti-xenophobia message put in large scale creative ways
  • We worked hand in hand with the University to make this launch very effective.  
  • We officially launched the campaign, VP International and I created at ‘Hate Wall’. The aim was for everyone to write down a racist, or xenophobia thing that they have ever heard. After filing the wall with all the hateful statements. We broke down the wall of hate, to
Support for the Officers:
  • New training programme has been designed for all the officers and is now being carried out.
  • Created a new handover pack for officers to fill out an pass over to the newly elected officers. 
  • Working on a sabbatical responsibility restructure, so that university meetings work load is equally spread out. 
  • Had a meeting with the Part Time officers to discuss how to make the PTO’S role work more effectively. As a result we are making sure that all PTO’s are getting mentors and have fortnightly catch-ups as a group with me, marketing and promise 3.



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