Officer Report



This is my May report which includes all the projects I have led or worked on throughout the whole year:

 Refugee Campaign - 100%
  • Working with an amazing group of students and locals we have:
  • fundraised more than £5000 for the Essex Refugee Fund
  • raised awareness about the refugee crisis through the: Welcome Refugees March in town, Barefoot walk on campus, THINK seminar, Vice-Chancellor pledge assembly
  • organised 3 successful collection points and donated the items collected to the refugees in “The Jungle” Calais
  • welcomed 5 refugee families in Colchester
  • agreed with the Borough Council to welcome 50 more refugee families over the next 5 years
  • organised a volunteering trip to the refugee camp in Calais
  • agreed with the University to equate degrees for Syrian refugees up to 240 credits
Accommodation Prices 2016/17 - 100%
  • Overall, prices will go up 2.4% in relation to inflation and the contract with the company that built Meadows. This is the lowest increment in the past 5 years.
  • Towers Refurbishment Agreed - 100%
  • Agreed with the University that all towers need to be refurbished. The timeline was not set because of the complexity of this project. Nevertheless, work has already started.
Graduate Internships for 2015 leavers - 100%
  • Worked with the university and the VP Education to create and promote internships for our 2015 graduates. Together we have provided over 60 placements. University investment £200K.
Coaching/refereeing qualification for students - 100%
  • Collaborated with the VP Activities and the SU Sports Department to provide approximately 40 coaching/refereeing qualifications for our students.
Gender Pay Gap - 100%
  • Cooperated with the University to close the Gender Pay Gap at professorial level. This was the only pay gap identified in the previous review conducted by the university. University investment £275K.
Campaigns budget increased - 100%
  • Worked with the Chief Exec of the SU to double our campaigns budget. SU investment £4000
Student Ideas Platform - 100%
  • Introduced the Student Ideas platform which has increased student engagement in our democratic processes. Every student can propose an idea and all students can vote online.
  • Reduce the cost of replacing accommodation and registration cards - 100%
  • Collaborated with the VP Services and Comms to pressure the University to reduce the cost of replacing accommodation cards from £20 to £15.
  • Lobbied the University to reduce the cost of replacing registration cards from £10 to £5.
Open Portfolio Officers - 100%
  • Introduced 3 open portfolio officers to run student centred projects and campaigns.
Loughton President - 100%
  • Introduced a part-time president for Loughton to represent the students on that campus. This is yet to be elected.
More representation for Mature, Part-time, Postgraduate Research and Postgraduate Taught students - 100%
  • Separated the Mature and Part-time Officer into the Mature Officer and the Part-time Officer.
  • Separated the Postgraduate Officer into the PGT Officer and the PGR Officer.
Silberad Student Centre 24/7 access - 100%
  • Worked with the University to introduce 24/7 access to the Silberad Student Centre.
Hexagon availability - 100%
  • Collaborated with the Arts Team to make the Hexagon widely available for society bookings. This should be free during the working hours. A small charge will occur outside working hours.
Photo Project - 100%
  • Worked with the VP Activities to deliver the Photo Project for sports and societies. For every photo sold we have donated £1 to RAG.
Human Rights Day - 100%
  • Organised the Human Rights Day in collaboration with the Human Rights Society and the VP Education. This was a good opportunity for our students to showcase different Human Rights related projects and campaigns.
Student facilities at Loughton - 100%
  • Agreed with the University to invest £2m into new student facilities in Loughton.
One to Watch Campaign - 100%
  • This is a campaign I started to showcase artists on campus. We have already showcased 4 student artists.
Graduate Internships for 2016 leavers - 100%
  • Currently working with the university and the VP Education to provide internships for our 2016 graduates. University investment £300K.
Frontrunner Scheme Review - 75%
  • Collaborated with the Employability team and the VP Education to review the frontrunner scheme, making it more flexible for students. This needs final approval from the University Steering Group.
Languages for All Scheme Review - 75%
  • Collaborated with the Languages for All manager to review the Languages for All scheme and introduce 50% off grants for high performing students. This needs final approval from the University Steering Group.
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme Scheme Review - 75%
  • Collaborated with the UROP manager to review the UROP scheme and put a new proposal for 90 research placements to the University. This needs final approval from the University Steering Group.
Free speech over No platform - 50%
  • I personally believe in free speech 100%. I believe that controversial speakers should always be challenged through debate instead of No platform.
  • I’ve submitted this motion on the student ideas platform, which has now passed and will go to an All Student Meeting for discussion and approval.
Graduation in Southend - 50%
  • Worked with the VP Southend and Loughton and the Graduation manager to put a proposal to the university to held one graduation in Southend for the students studying on that campus. This needs approval from a couple of University committees.
Register to Vote Campaign - 50%
  • Worked with the Senior Management of the SU to create a strategy for the Register to Vote Campaign in the EU Referendum. Worked in collaboration with ResLife to encourage students to register.
Raise and Give restructure - 25%
  • Went to a RAG training in London, researched RAGs around the UK and started to re-write our RAG structure.
Review of Sabbatical Pay - 25%
  • I have written a proposal to review the sabbatical pay. This proposal has gone to the Trustee Board and then directed to an appropriate sabbatical independent sub-group.
International Academy restructure - 10%
  • Currently working with the university to restructure the International Academy.
  • Swap tickets system - 10%
  • Currently working with the SU to introduce a swap tickets system.





Adrian CHIRA

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