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VP Education

Teaching Excellence Framework

The University is taking part in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), a new government method of assessing teaching at universities. The Students’ Union strongly opposes our university’s decision to take part in the TEF. However, as part of my role to ensure that students’ voice is heard at every level, I am engaging with the university’s meetings on the TEF, to ensure that the student voice is included at all levels. This is why that the SU is getting a section in our institution’s TEF submission, something that is not compulsory and we as an SU had to fight for.

As part of my work around the TEF, I am also working with Rebel Essex, who are doing some student media work around the TEF, ensuring that students get the full message and that it’s correct. If any students want to know more, there is an open forum on Thursday 1st December, 1pm – 2pm, in LTB 8, or Friday 9th December 1pm – 2pm, in The Forum at Southend.

Careers Fair

At the beginning of this month, the university held it’s main Careers Fair, with over 50 exhibitors including 12 from the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers. Over 1000 students attended, and the feedback from both students and employers was overwhelmingly positive. I hope students enjoyed it, and I was there for the entire event. If anyone has any feedback on it, or what employers you would like to see, email me

NUS Delegate Elections

Last week saw us run the NUS Delegate Elections, in which I ran for National Delegate, LGBT Open and LGBT BAME Delegate. I ran because I want to ensure that the people going to conferences this year are in a position to fight with an Essex voice, actually speaking for our students and well and truly ruffling the feathers of NUS! This is something that hasn’t been done in the past, and at the events that I have been to this year so far I have already begun to make NUS answer for it’s actions!

I am very happy that students have elected me National Delegate, and cannot wait to attend with my fellow delegates! I am also overjoyed to have been elected LGBT Open Delegate, and cannot wait to attend that conference either! LET’S MAKE ESSEX HEARD!

Anonymous Marking

A massive priority of mine is to see actual actions that will help to close our BAME Attainment Gap. One way I see this happening is by having an institution-wide policy on Anonymous Marking. This is because having essays with students’ names on them gives a perceived bias to students, and there is lots of scientific research that goes towards the conclusion that all humans have an element of unconscious bias just from seeing a name.

So far, the departments that have anonymous marking are: Psychology, Law, Psychoanalytic Studies, Health and Human Sciences (partially) and Biological Sciences (partially). WATCH THIS SPACE!

  • 4th November – Loughton to assist in the Fireworks Night! What a brilliant success!
  • 9th November – Loughton for a discussion on Course Reps, and a Steering Group with the University staff there.
  • 21st November – Loughton for the TEF Open Forum

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