Officer report

VP Education

Department of Education

The Department for Education visited the University to discuss the implementation of the Teaching Excellence Framework, and to discuss how students can input to the TEF. They also wanted to find out why students chose Essex, and how students make university decisions and course decisions. I arranged for a group of students to meet directly with the department to give their views straight to the government.

Anonymous Marking

I have had many meetings with the university regarding getting a university-wide policy on anonymous marking on coursework. After several meetings with the university, and presenting lots of independent research, the university is writing a paper to implement anonymous marking institution-wide, and this will hopefully pass at the end of this term.

Postgraduate Employability

I had some meetings with the employability and careers centre after some postgraduate students highlighted issues around internships and getting involved in the graduate programme. While there is nothing that can be done for the 2016 graduates as the programme has been underway for a year, there are some changes the E&CC are making to increase the postgraduate provision for students, so watch this space

Library Issues

A lot of students got in touch to raise the issue of the library charging fines over the Xmas Period for recalled books. After lots of liaising and lobbying from students directly, the library published solid understandable rules on the Winter Break, and there is an Open Forum on the new rules on 18th January.

Winter Break

I also managed to take some time off this month to enjoy a Christmas Vacation with my family. I have loved this first term, but sometimes you do need to switch off and head out of Essex for a bit. I hope everyone else has a lovely break, and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Josh gulrajani

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