Officer Report

VP International

National Recognition 

We attended the NUS Conference in Liverpool and had the opportunity to network with a number of Universities. 

Essex has made quite the presence and we set an aim to have Essex recognised nationally. We are also working into winning more national awards. 

Achieving Potential Steering Group 

Attended a meeting with the University which was accompanied by the VP Education. 

Looking into closing the ethnicity attainment gap. 

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

Working with the International Office in organising a Mid Autumn Moon Festival on campus. 

Fresher’s Week 

In the midst of planning international mixers for fresher’s week. 


Working with VP Southend in looking into having an International Students Association in Southend campus – so international students will be better represented. 

Southend and Loughton 

Working with the Sabb team in looking into ways to improve student engagement on both Southend and Loughton campuses. 

Networking with Sheffield 

Currently in the midst of working with the International Officer of Sheffield University in hopes to have a networking event with students from Sheffield. 

International Career Guide

Looking into creating a career guide specifically for international students.


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