Officer Report

VP Services & communication

Society and Sport Team Clothing Project 

With price lists being agreed upon and a website being built, the project is entering its final stages. We will trial the online service to ensure the project meets requirements and will then begin to contact society and sport team executive members to inform them the service has gone live. This is expected to happen in the next few weeks. 

Street Food Relaunch 

We have secured a new street food stall from which to serve street food on Square 3. Building on this, we want to expand the variety of the types of food we have to offer whilst ensuring a high quality, consistent product and service is provided. We are currently looking into what will be offered, and I am keen to work with students and societies in the coming weeks to bring some student identity to the service. 

Level Up Relaunch 

Currently, plans are being discussed as to how Level Up can be made more accessible and appealing to the student body. We are looking into ways for which the venue could potentially host live entertainment whilst providing a space for students to socialise in during the day and during the evening. We are currently in the planning stage, although the venue is currently being redecorated. Don’t worry though, the milkshakes aren’t going! They’re moving to the SU Bar. 

Communication Tools 

Our SU offers various communication tools to ensure you can have your say through SU Ideas, SU React and the Product Request Wall to name a few. Building on this, however, I am keen to ensure that these communication services become more transparent, with the progress of your request, idea or reaction made more clear so that you know exactly who is working on your case and how they are doing so, not only to show you how the Union can work for you, but how you can hold the Union accountable. I am also keen to expand the Product Request Wall to other venues. 

The Store Move 

With the Barclays space secured, work on the move is due to be finished in time for Freshers’ Week. This will allow for our retail facilities to not only stock more items but serve students quicker during the busy periods. 

Creative Media Studios 

I am keen to expand campus awareness of the excellent facilities we have in the Creative Media Studios. We are planning ways in which students can engage with the studios, learn new skills and involve themselves with some exciting projects whilst gaining some valuable CV experience at the same time. 

The Salon 

The Salon has been refurbished and is re-open for business as of the 25th of July!

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