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Fresher’s Week

The Fresher’s Week line-up was revealed last week following A Level results day. If you got into Essex this year, congratulations! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the university alongside all our returning students and are excited to show you all we have to offer. Whilst details of an all-day rave and your thoughts on the event received overwhelmingly positive feedback, keep your eye out in the next few weeks for the different events we will have going on. We want to cater these around you to make your Fresher’s Week unforgettable, so feedback is welcome and encouraged! In case you missed it heres the video.

Level Up Refurbishment

With decoration pretty much finished, the place is looking good! The venue has a new name and a new identity and will be open for day-time and night-time events, and we are currently planning what will be added to the venue over the course of the term. We have events booked into the venue over Fresher’s Week and beyond, so keep an eye out for the official re-launch of Level Up in the coming weeks for full details. Also, last report I revealed milkshakes were moving to the SU Bar, but I can now confirm they’ve moved back and found their home in Level Up.

Society and Sport Team Clothing Project

The website has been built and needs a few tweaks to improve its aesthetic in line with the SU branding. But aside from that, we are working closely with societies and sport teams to gather order information (i.e. size, colour preference, product preference) as well as the logos of the societies in question. If you have yet to send over a logo, don’t worry – send it over to the society guild at or send it over to me at We are looking to have our first order sent off on September 15th to be ready in time for freshers.

Catering offerings 

We are currently finalising our menus in time for first term, with a key theme being the addition of healthier options to our catering outlets. Previous surveys have suggested that healthy food is sought after by students, whilst sales reports have shown that some items just weren’t working on the menu and have been taken off. So whilst there is no need to worry about your favourite pizza, burger or light bite being taken away (they’re here to stay), there’s plenty of healthier, and vegetarian, options being added to be excited about! But whilst you can feel less guilty by indulging in healthier food in our catering outlets, we know that everyone needs a treat and, therefore, deserts are coming to the SU Bar by popular request!

Street Food

We are finalising the concepts for our street food offering which will follow a schedule and offer different food offering on alternate days. We have agreed that we will offer four themes but will encourage students to keep an eye out as we will be rolling out more specials than ever before.

Student DJs 

We are finalising a system for which student DJs can play regularly in our venues. Whilst opportunities will arise over first term, I am keen to secure a regular ‘Open Deck’ slot in the newly refurbished Level Up to give aspiring DJs their own night on campus. The Creative Studios are keen to also appeal to those interested in Radio and broadcasting to come along and learn some new skills and utilise their facilities. Whilst I can’t promise you headlining Sub Zero at the moment, there is certainly an avenue being developed for which you can progress and make a name for yourself. So don’t be shy, come forward when the opportunity arises – even myself and sabbatical team are doing a DJ set at some point!

Student Idea: “Improvements to First buses” 

I have opened up correspondence with First Bus and bought forward the idea. After discussion, the idea has been forwarded on to the First Essex network planning team who regularly review the network and ensure that routes are suitable and convenient for all customers. I am awaiting a response from First Bus, and will be able to give a more definitive answer when they reply.

Idea available at:  

Student Idea: “Student DJ Saturday Nights @ Sub Zero”

We are looking into the process of which we can recruit student DJs to perform at SU events. I believe we are making progress in the right direction with the creation of ‘Open Deck Nights’ in the newly refurbished Level Up, as well as workshops in the Creative Studios to show people how they can use equipment. I believe we can make an identity for student DJs in Level Up before the jump is made to performing in Sub Zero to allow people experimenting with live performance to make a gradual progression rather than being dropped in the deep-end, whilst also providing a space to showcase more confident DJ’s abilities.

Idea available at:

Student Idea: “Desserts in the SU Bar”

It has been agreed upon that the SU Bar will look to supply three desserts on the new menu for Mondos. These desserts are being decided upon by our catering staff using feedback from the proposers of the idea.

Idea available at:

Student Idea: “Slide, not stride!”

The idea to have a slide built between the handrails from Square 4 down to Square 3 has been subject to some concerns regarding health and safety. The boundaries to the idea being passed revolve around how the slide will be monitored by security personnel, how we can prevent people colliding with others at the bottom (or the streetlamp located in front of it) and how we can prevent/ control young children from using the slide, as well as considering how we can shut off the slide at night to prevent students under the influence of alcohol from injuring themselves on the slide. I will contact the proposer of the idea to discuss the considerations above, as well as any potential alternatives we could explore.

Idea available at:

Student Idea: “Room Bookings”

Me and Sam Miles, VP Activities, are meeting with relevant members of the University in the next week to discuss the idea put forward. We are also looking to simplify the ways in which societies and clubs can book SU venues during the day and of an evening. I will be able to provide better feedback after me and Sam’s meeting with University staff.

Idea available at:

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