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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – I hope you all had a great break and will return eager to go out and smash term 2! As the term drew to a close, much of my work became essentially planning for when you guys return. Essentially, most of the stuff has revolved around events that societies and sports teams are looking to host, improvements to our student services outlets and, arguably most importantly, how the SU will engage with its students and how your student voice will be heard!

Promise Three – “Shape Everything Around You”

In my last Officer Report I mentioned my involvement in a project to reconsider, and improve, how we are achieving our promise to shape everything around students. Using the feedback I gathered from you guys, I presented my findings to our senior management team and heads of departments to ensure your voice was being heard during the process of improvement. I am pleased to say that plans have been drawn up across the entire Students’ Union to ensure that your student voice will not only be heard but utilised!

Water Fountains

A project started by last year’s VP Services and Communications Josh O’Connor regarding he installation of more water fountains is finally reaching the point of completion. I have been collaborating with University staff to ensure more water fountains are to be installed around campus (in line with SU reacts being sent through by you guys) and we’ve been successful! I can confirm that water fountains have been installed in the Ivor Crewe, Tony Rich and EBS whilst 2 others by the North Teaching Centre and Physics Lab C (Square 5) are undergoing water tests before they are commissioned. We will be working to ensure a sixth is installed by the library.

Societies, Sports Teams and Venues

I met with a number of society executives, in person and through email, regarding events they are looking to hold in our venues next term. As we are still planning these events I won’t necessarily name them but there have been some very interesting suggestions put forward – I just don’t want to spoil the surprise!

This term I will be talking with the heads of our venues department as to how we can further incentivise our venues for sports teams and societies.

Catering Improvements

I conducted a survey amongst students who eat in the SU Bar to find out their thoughts on the quality on what we offer. I presented my findings to our venues and catering departments and we will be looking to improve our catering offerings as a result. This may be part of a larger rebrand of Mondos in line with the fact many students didn’t know that’s the name of the catering venue in the SU Bar – poor Mondos :(

Summer Ball

We’ve started our planning for the Summer Ball. We’re already getting quotes from companies, acts and suppliers to ensure that this year’s ball is the biggest, and best, ever. Considering last year the Ball won the ‘Best One Off Event’ at the Ents Forum 2016, we’ve got a lot to top but we’re confident we can do so!

Student Idea: ‘More Vegan Options’

We had, not one, but two student ideas come through regarding more vegan options offered by our services. I got into contact with both the students who put forth the idea for further suggestions and will look to liaise with them both and the newly ratified Vegan and Vegetarian Society to essentially create a committee to ensure that vegan students have a say on what vegan food we begin to offer.

Student Idea: ‘Working Class Officer’

I will be working with our Woman’s Officer, Sarah Wagner, to oversee this idea’s implementation which is going to an all-student meeting.

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