Officer Report

VP Services & communication

Improving Student Staff satisfaction

Over the Christmas break, I have been working with our management teams from our retails and venues departments, who form an integral part to our Student Services, to discuss how we can improve satisfaction amongst our staff members. Whilst satisfaction is generally high, we have set the goal to become an amazing place to work and are therefore looking at what improvements we can make. To do this, I will be speaking to student staff in the coming weeks on their return from the break period to see what would make their working experience better as well as act, within reason, on further suggestions. I will also be utilising our Staff Communications Committee to help with this project.

Membership Recognition Campaign

Did you get your free hot drink from me or one of the other Sabbatical Officers? Maybe you got some post-it notes too, or settled for some stickers – whatever it was, I hope it not only brightened your day but also solidified the knowledge that you’re a member of the Students’ Union. So whilst dedicating many mornings and afternoons to getting out there and giving you guys stuff, the conversations I’ve had will help me to act upon what it is that students want more of from the SU.

Internal Hiring – Operations Manager

I have helped with the process of hiring a new Operations Manager. Why should this interest you? What makes this different from any other appointment? Students were involved! Yes, we ensured that student staff were involved with the process; meeting the candidate, asking them questions and giving their feedback. Giving them the ability to essentially help hire their new manager demonstrates the amazing place to work ethos we aspire to achieve – I will be working to ensure student staff are entrusted with this position in the future.

Summer Ball

Further developments and thoughts have been discussed amongst me and the venues team. Whilst much discussion has focused around marketing and operational matters in relation to the ball, I will soon to be taking some questions to students to ensure the ball is, not only another award winning event, but is the ball that you, the students, want. There’s some big act names floating about at the moment, so it’s exciting times at the moment!

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