Officer Report

VP Services & communication

Hello everyone,

My name is Tanki and for those of you that don’t know I have been elected back in February (I know it’s a long time! I don’t even remember that much back) to be your new VP Services and Communications.

This month has been an odd one as we’ve settled in and tried to understand how the organization works and the more practical side of it (How to run a project, marketing, got to meet the team, catch up on what happened before I started and many other things)

It has been incredible so far and I am still extremely grateful to all our student body for electing me. I will always work the hardest to represent you and make your voice count.

East 15 Open days in Southend
  • I attended earlier on this month East 15 Open Days in Southend in order to represent the SU with Ernest (VP Southend) and Masud (VP Welfare). It was great as it was only my second time in our Southend Campus (Got to visit the premises) and got a chance to meet certain 2/3rd years as well as incoming Fresher’s. 
Graduation Campaign
  • We did our first campaign!! During graduation week, we set up a SU Campaign for our Students to have a last farewell from their SU. We made videos that we will use in order to greet incoming Fresher’s and gave away lock to our Graduates so they could leave their mark on the Lock Wall in front of LTB. Finally, we asked our Graduate to help us set up a little surprise for our incoming Freshers!
Residential with the directors
  • We went away with the Directors and Deputy Directors of the SU to get to know each other and did some team bonding exercise.
  • Furthermore, we prepared this month our plan for the year and how it will link with the plans of other Sabbatical officers.
Best conditions for student staff 
  • To offer the best SU membership for students we need to create the best conditions for our student staff to work - research shows that happy staff will offer the best service. We currently employ over 350 students and while we're doing things right there are also a lot of things that can be improved. To become the world's most student-centred organisation we have to focus on the student staffs that deliver our services.
SUHOMEs and rate your let
  • I want to expand the service it offers, make the experience more consistent and find ways for students to rate SUHomes properties and landlords
Secure investment for Sub Zero
  • The biggest challenge is the large cost required to refurbish Sub Zero so I will work with the university to find the investment we need to make Sub Zero a destination that meets the needs of our members.
New SU Reception
  • A part of my manifesto was to introduce a Subway type outlet in what used to be the Burrow. A plan had been in motion for a long time to move the Reception from the SU corridor to the burrow to give it more exposure and insure that our students know where to go if they have any queries about the SU. Furthermore it will allow new offices in the SU corridor especially for our Sport and Societies Team.
  • I will work with students to look at different ideas for making better use of this venue in order to response to what our members wish and the financial side of it.
Live music
  • I will work to understand the demand that exists and work with students to find ways of delivering more live music on our Colchester Campus and test the demand in Southend and Loughton.
Other bits and bobs 
  • Hot drinks in the meal deal
  • Microwave in the student centre
  • Reduce the cost of the nursery for students
  • Rebel - making sure that we balance how this works with societies
  • Online sales platforms – books and tickets
  • DJ competition – A student idea


Tancrede Chartier

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