Officer Report

VP Services & communication

Hi everyone, Tanki here and this is my officer report for March!

I feel I say that every month but god the time flies. There we are already 8 months. As time goes, I feel I’m growing in this role. My understanding of what is the best route to make sure that projects we are working on are successful and how to contact the relevant people.


This month a very important part of our job was around the Strike happening as a result of a dispute between UCU and UUK concerning the USS Pension scheme. Following a vote of our members, we actively supported the strike (Went on the picket line, attended events, supported our students to go to the demonstration in London etc…). This took up a lot of our time but it is great that as a Union we took a stance to make sure that our voice and the voice of our students would have an impact on the outcome.


Following my election as President for next year, I have started to work closer with Zoe and attending some of the meeting she attends in order to start the transition and to make it as smooth as possible. 


Following a lot of student Feedbacks, I have raised all those concerns with the University and private contractors in order to get a definite answer for those students. Furthermore, it sparked a discussion on the future of the Laundry and how it can be improved, discussion we are still having… Watch this space.

Student Parliament

Similarly to the last couple of months, we have been working incredibly hard on our student Parliament to be able to roll it our very soon. The last hurdles are being taken down and we will soon have an increase student Representation here at Essex.



Tancrede Chartier

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